I am of two minds about this John Kerry Nantucket story.

    It’s a puzzler: John F. Kerry’s credibility took on more water on the second day of his Nantucket vacation flap, as the State Department backed off its initial denial the embattled secretary of state was yachting during the Egyptian military coup — and President Obama tweeted a photo of himself kayaking in a hat, sunglasses and polo shirt. The Herald reported yesterday that Kerry spent | Read More »

    Government squashes Nantucket Tea Party

    “We don’t want politics on Main Street.” The Nantucket Tea Party will be one of more than a thousand such protest events to be held across the nation on Independence Day. The organizers were all set. They were given permission by the Town’s head of Park and Recreation.  After the local paper publicized the event, some members of the Nantucket Park and Recreation Commission decided | Read More »

    Navajo tribe tells Kennedy to go to the Devil, or Nantucket.

    Well, they were more polite about it than the title suggests, but the sentiment is real: Joseph P. Kennedy II, whose father Robert F. Kennedy championed Native American rights, is at war with a band of Navajo Indians. The Cameron Chapter of Navajo Nation is charging that Kennedy, president of Citizens Energy Corp. and its for-profit business Citizens Wind, is trying to seize control of | Read More »