Help Steer the Local Political Discussion in Colorado

    It’s Time for the November survey of Colorado’s Political Temperature. Ben Degrow and El Presidente have already completed two of these surveys, and they’ve just released another one. Click here to take the November 2009 Colorado online political survey One thing I noticed about the previous surveys is the rest of Colorado outside of the Denver Metro area was significantly under-represented. I strongly encourage everyone | Read More »

    Has it really come to this, America?

    As if the capitalist gods are not already upset with the our lawmakers for having shown disdain for the free market system that has produced unmatched wealth and a standard of living to America unseen anywhere else in the world, the Democrats in Congress are really about to bring down the thunder.

    To ensure they do not lose vital support of their urban base the Democrats are on the verge of delivering $15 billion bail out plan to General Motors and Chrysler and Ford will receive help too bringing the total to around $35 billion (I may be off by a billion but does it really matter? It’s only paper money) that will restructure the auto industry.

    The money comes with oversight. We will now have a “car tsar,” or a “Minister of Interior Production” if you will. The Democrats are pushing for a seven-member board that will set up guidelines for the auto-industry to operate by. If Ford, GM and Chrysler, or the Big Three as they have so affectionately become known by, falter or do not meet satisfaction the “Minister of Interior Production” will recall the money.

    What is wrong with that, you ask?

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    With the help of an upset win the bayou states sends two more Republicans to Washington

    Have you ever heard of Anh “Joseph” Cao (R)? Don’t worry neither have I accept only recently. Never mind that. The people of 2nd Congressional District in Louisiana have and they voted him in office over the embattled, but popular, William Jefferson (D).

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