Romney, peace thru strength and the death of neo-occupationalism

    Republican nominee would restore a foreign policy informed by a commitment to American exceptionalism, albeit one that would not entail interventions abroad absent vital American interests nor any long-term occupations of foreign lands. It wasn’t necessary for Mitt Romney to play Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitor to Barack Obama as Shakespeare’s King Lear in the last presidential election debate, especially with Bob Scheiffer as an older Candy Crowley on | Read More »

    Neo-cons from Kristol to Reagan to Bush 43

    Anti-Communism, Safety Nets for the Truly Needy and Compassionate Conservatism The conservative movement lost two of their greatest leaders last week with the passing of Irving Kristol (pictured) and William Safire. Forty years ago, before he went on to become one of the great journalists at The New York Times, Safire, while a speechwriter for Vice-President Spiro Agnew, famously characterized critics of President Richard Nixon’s | Read More »