Unions Contributed to Failure of FDR’s New Deal

    A new article on Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal policies has been published by the Milken Institute Review. The piece reveals how FDR’s strengthening of labor unions contributed to the continued economic downturn experienced during the Great Depression and how the country’s disastrous economic condition was exacerbated by the failure of the New Deal. As time passes more and more honest economists and historians – those | Read More »

    Is the Honeymoon Over?

    As the course of the Obama administration continues plowing through the first 100 Days likes a bull in a china shop (or a bear through a stock market), you have to wonder if the post-inauguration high is waning. Beyond the number of cabinet nominees that have had problems (what are we up to now, 6 or 7?), we’re starting to hear about divisiveness in the | Read More »

    Obama’s pork rancid in Charlotte

    Obama pork bypasses dangerous Interstate exit ramps in Charlotte [Originally published by TMR Legal Editor, Mike "gamecock" DeVine as Charlotte Law and Civil Rights Examiner @ Examiner.com where all for verification links may be accessed.] The non-stimulating $1.2 trillion GovernmentGrowthulus/porkulus Obama-Pelosi-Reid bill will soon become law thanks to 327 Democrat and 3 Republican votes in the House and Senate. Barring a miracle, it is a | Read More »

    FDR Was a Piker

    How much do Democrats need to spend to ‘fix’ the economy? Apparently more than FDR did during the New Deal: Take a look at that, and remember that ‘progressives’ have hit upon one consistent talking point: if Republicans aren’t going to vote for the debt package, Congress should go ahead and make it much bigger. Yes, it’s possible. Call your Senators today, and tell them | Read More »

    New Deal Was a Raw Deal for America

    President-elect Barack Obama believes government spending is the best way to bailout America from its economic woes, and liberals in Congress are having no trouble finding ways to spend your hard-earned money. The price tag of the so-called stimulus plan has steadily increased from $775 billion last week to $850 billion today. Liberals like to say the New Deal programs of their hero Franklin Delano Roosevelt | Read More »

    Obama Mimics FDR’s Failed Policies

    President-elect Barack Obama is trying to bribe Republicans with $300 billion in tax cuts as part of a much larger economic stimulus proposal. Will the GOP take the bait? As hard as it might be for Republicans to walk away from a large tax cut, they shouldn’t be fooled by Obama’s big-spending approach. The president-elect wants to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on unemployment | Read More »

    Snarking At George Will

    There has been a lot of it recently thanks to Will’s claim this past Sunday on ABC’s This Week that the New Deal discouraged investment and deepened the Great Depression. Paul Krugman disputed those claims and the left side of the Blogosphere went into raptures over Krugman in response. Thing is, Will was right. No Nobel Prize for him, but at least, Will can take | Read More »

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