NJ GOV: Christie Will ‘Get Back to Basics’

    New Jersey GOP gubernatorial candidate Christopher Christie appeared on Hannity alongside former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a possible candidate for Governor of New York himself, and pledged to lead a resurgence of the Republican Party in the northeast.  His prescription is an approach that emphasizes traditional conservative ideas of low taxes and spending cuts. We’ve got to get back to basics as a party.  | Read More »

    Want to Cure Your State’s Budget Ills? Attract the Millionaires

    If you live in a state that is having budget problems (Hint: You are living in a state that has budget problems), your legislature is probably trying to figure out how to fix said problems.  There’s lots of ways to do this, but only some of them actually make sense.  One of the politically least popular (especially in Purple to Blue states) is to cut | Read More »

    Fed Up

    I am fed up.    I am fed up with people’s opinions.  That old saying that an opinion is like a (censored) every one has one and everyone’s stinks is more true than I can ever say.  It seems that everyone wants to express their opinion and their opinion is the right way.  It is a  cacophony that is driving me nuts.  We should take the GOP in | Read More »

    NJ-GOV: Christie Up Big in New Poll

    Republican former U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie leads incumbent governor John Corzine (D) by nine percentage points, 42-33, in a new poll released by Fairleigh Dickinson University. The results should boost confidence among NJ GOP voters that Christie can take down the increasingly unpopular Corzine. Fifty-six percent of respondents said that they have a negative opinion of Corzine, a -23 rating, compared to 31% who had | Read More »

    NJ-GOV: Keep the Money, Chris

    New Jersey and Virginia elect governors this year, and Republicans stand a good chance of taking both. In the Garden State, the GOP likely has a very strong challenger in former U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie, if he makes it through the primary against former Mayor of Bogota (Bergen County), Steve Lonegan. Christie made his name putting corrupt Democratic politicians in jail, so the primary should | Read More »

    Teach a Man to Fish

    Chinese Proverb – “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”    Beware this is a somewhat hodgepodge of things running through my mind.    In education there is a teaching strategy called scaffolding.  Students receive assistance early on to complete tasks, then as their proficiency increases, that support is | Read More »


      Anytime I posted some thing political on Facebook I would receive insulting responses from my liberal friends. I am from Jersey so you can imagine the number of friends I have that our liberal.  I have not posted anything political other than links, which I think no one looks at, in awhile.  Today I decided to experiment and pose the question “do you think | Read More »

    New Jersey: Where Today’s Mayors Become Tomorrow’s Defendants

    New Jersey has a lot of Democratic Mayors, and it seems difficult to find a city in the state that hasn’t had one indicted in the last few years. The latest is the former mayor of Perth Amboy from 1990-2008: State Assemblyman Joseph Vas (D-Perth Amboy) was indicted last week on charges that, while he was mayor of Perth Amboy, he conspired with city employees | Read More »

    Hope, Change, and Fair

    This is just an opinion blog.  I leave the hard hitting things to the masters.    Long before Obama came on the scene, I have hated those words.  Those sentiments.  They are very often misused or used entirely too much.    Hope-  Sounds lovely doesn’t it?  Makes you feel all those touchy feely emotions?  Bah humbug!  Hope is a cruel mistress.  You put time, energy, | Read More »

    The latest New York Times did yet another story on Steele…

    “Mr. Steele declined a request for an interview.” Dan Riehl caught this first, and I concur: there are times when you pick yourself up, walk it off, and get back to work – and Steele’s gotten to that point. Yes, the media doesn’t love the GOP, except as a punching bag. And yes, the media loves to see Red-on-Red fights, the latest of which has | Read More »

    Real estate shenanigans and the Democratic Party.

    Reading Brian Faughnan’s piece about Rep Alan Mollohan’s (D, WV-01) steering earmarks to his landlord while receiving free rent reminded me, of course, of Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s (D, formerly IL-05) steering lucrative polling contracts to his landlord while receiving free rent. And now I’ve been reminded by fellow RS Contributor Mark I that Senator Bob Menendez (D, NJ) notoriously steered earmarks the | Read More »


    The Republican Party is at a major crossroads with no updated map, GPS, working compass, or the knowledge of navigating by the stars.  Different fractions of the party want to go a different way.  Each fraction believes that they are right.  They often refuse to listen to other people.  I have some advice.  GROW UP.  We, as a party, need to decide what is important.  Establish that and then decide how to work from there.  | Read More »

    A Real Chance in Jersey

     Here in the decidedly blue state of New Jersey, where we reliably vote for Democrats even if Scooby Doo was the candidate, we have the unique opportunity to stem the tide of the tax-and-spend liberal Democrats we elect to the Governor’s mansion.  The parallels between the national mood in 2008 and the mood of the state of Jersey in 2009 is amazing.  In 2008, we | Read More »

    NJ-GOV: GOP Christie up 6 over Dem incumbent Corzine

    This is one that we need to pay attention to. Republican Chris Christie is up 6, 42-46, over incumbent Democratic Governor Jon Corzine. Save Jersey pulls the real highlights: On the day Chris Christie officially kicks off his campaign for Governor, his campaign is boosted by news of a poll that shows him as the strongest challenger to Governor Jon Corzine. While neither candidate breaks 50% | Read More »

    RedState Army Call Up – Unit Activations Necessary

    We need a call-up for New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. From WCBS News: In an e-mail to supporters, Christie says a formal announcement will come in the first week in February. The filing allows Christie to start raising money for the 2009 race. The 46-year-old Republican with a reputation as a corruption-busting prosecutor has been flirting with a gubernatorial bid since resigning as | Read More »