Carbeque: Why is this a new year’s tradition in France?

    Why do French youths burn cars every new years’s day? If everyone knows this is going to happen, why doesn’t someone stop it? From Reuters: Hundreds of cars torched in France at New Year PARIS (Reuters) – Youths burned 1,137 cars across France overnight as New Year’s Eve celebrations once again turned violent, the French Interior Ministry said on Friday. World Car burnings are regular | Read More »

    Happy New Year! The Iraqis now run the Green Zone.

    Happy New Year! It’s that in Iraq (quagmire, quagmire, Vietnam); in fact, Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki wishes for January 1st to be a national holiday in his sovereign country. Baghdad’s International Zone (Green Zone) has been turned over to the Iraqis as of midnight, 01/01/09. The Green Zone has long been a symbol, to the Iraqis, of the U.S. military presence, and now it | Read More »