Chris Christie enemy of Christianity and Conservatism

    Radio personality Steve Deace is the best spokesman for social conservatives and speaking out against the hypocrisy in the evangelical circles who have been evangelized by the media and culture.  Deace nailed it this week when he posted this on his facebook page: “Most pathetic thing I’ve seen on social media today (and in while, which is saying something): Christians defending and lauding Chris Christie, | Read More »

    Straight Into Darkness

    2010 became the year many Americans realized that the emperor stood shivering in the nude. Liberalism was dead, the Liberals had killed it; what now would the Liberals do? The impact of this Nietzsche-like revelation has awakened the American conscience to the existence of a major crisis. Namely, America is run, lock, stock, and barrel by a set of governments designed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. | Read More »