News-Fast…You deserve a break today!

    Does anyone else just feel the need to take a break from the news now and then and tune out? Some days the news makes me feel like I am in a cage with 5 tennis ball machines all firing balls at me at top speed from all angles and there’s a hole in my racket. I mean could the folks in DC just give | Read More »

    Obama:”Stimulas has done its job”

    I only thought it was Joe Biden that gave us our daily dose of laughter, but this statement by Obama is hysterical. Obama actually stated with a straight face that “the stimulus has done its job”. Obama must think all Americans are idiots and they will continue to believe all of his fancy rhetoric is factual. He may have fooled millions during the campaign, but | Read More »

    Where is ManBearPig?

    I have been combing the Central Rockies in Colorado and have yet to see the infamous ManBearPig. The rumor is since we have had a COLD spring and summer, ManBearPig may be hibernating longer this year.   Seriously, check out the below link to see clips of my favorite South Park episode that depicts Al Gore as a friend seeking alarmist in a global warming | Read More »

    Our Last Defense From Socialism

    Since Democrats have a stranglehold on both the legislative and executive branches, there is very little conservatives and even concerned independents in Washington can do to stop the onslaught of legislation being pushed by Obama to support his socialistic agenda. Thus, the onus must fall on the individual states to block the federal government’s continual power grab. States have one weapon that our forefathers placed | Read More »

    Obama’s Weekly Lowlights

       Honduras Coup – Obama, Chavez, and Castro condemn the coup d’état in Honduras as illegal. The current Honduras President was trying to circumvent their Democracy to be a dictator like Chavez and Castro. Obama, who said he did not want to meddle in the Iranian Elections, but why he has no problem being a hypocrite when considering the Honduras political situation is a mystery. | Read More »

    Obama’s Energy Plan: Emulate California

    President Obama’s new cap and trade energy policy is as he says is trying to emulate the California energy policy over the past 3 decades. Obama claims that Californians use 40% less energy than other Americans on average (per capita) and they have generated 1.5 million new jobs. All of this may be true, but I would like to see Republicans refute some of these | Read More »

    Madoff: 150 Years; The Government: 0 Years

    I certainly do not have any problem with Madoff getting a 150 year sentence for pleading guilty to 11 counts of fraud. He probably deserves a worse sentence for ruining many lives. However, I find it ironic that the Madoff investment Ponzi scheme was found to be illegal, however many corporations and our government also use Ponzi schemes. Amway Corporation is run like a Ponzi | Read More »

    Republican Can be Own Worst Enemy

    With Obama pushing through a very aggressive agenda, it is just a matter of time before the American Public figures out his spending is not sustainable and realistic. Thus, Republicans only need to sit back and stay out of trouble and let the Democrats and Obama ruin their reputations by pushing their socialistic agenda. The Republicans have no one to blame but themselves now that | Read More »

    Coming soon: the news from Russia

    A Fishbreath Weekly Feature. As some of my earlier posts indicate, I’m studying (among other things) the Russian language as one of my majors. Since it’s summer, and I’m here working a desk job to keep the money flowing in that I may continue to engage in said studies, I haven’t been spending too much time keeping up on my Russian grammar. A few nights | Read More »

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    War Crimes

    I am tired of hearing all this talk about Bush-era war crimes and injustices. I just got another article from my leftist brother about a man that was held for 7.5 years in Gitmo before being released. Apparently the man was innocent. I believe it, war is horrible thing any many injustices occur. The Iraq war has shed light on many difficult injustices to comprehend | Read More »

    Obama Weekly Lowlights

    North Korea will weaponize its plutonium – This is not a surprise to anyone since they have been doing the same with uranium however, North Korea is becoming more belligerent by actually stating its intentions. I doubt any new UN sanctions will change anything. Obama is being challenged, and I doubt his “talk” foreign policy will work as North Korea threatens the world with a | Read More »

    Creep and Bureaucracy

    I worked on hundreds of projects during my corporate days as a manager and engineer. All projects are supposed to be defined and spelled out during the validation (beginning) portion of the project. If only this was remotely true. Every project I worked on had what I called “mission creep” or “scope creep” or “specification creep”. What that means is that the mission, scope, and | Read More »


    I am still a little fuzzy on all the details, but I want start to outline what I have heard thus far on the Obama Universal Health Care bill. It is scheduled to be done some time over this summer. What I am writing may not all be factual or set in stone in yet, but it does start to paint a picture of what | Read More »


    American corporations that go through bankruptcy or bad press because of scandals, accidents, or some sort of incompetence, do something that is common: they change the name of their company. In essence, they try to cover up their past and hope that the American public will forget about their bad reputation and ineptitude. Rebranding is common, especially during a recession where many corporations struggle. Rebranding | Read More »

    The President for the Victim

    President Obama grew up as a victim to the harsh United States laws and capitalistic ways. After all, he is a minority and was poor. Thus, American society was against him and every one like him. Although this is a fallacy, this perception of our government’s ill will towards the poor and minorities undoubtedly shaped his attitude and persona. In fact, Obama got to where | Read More »