What is Wrong with the ACLU?

    My blogs are my opinions based on my experiences. I am not saying my points of view are correct, but I can at least defend them based on what I have experienced in my life. I may not understand another person’s point of view, but hopefully I will respect it. After all, not everyone had the same life experiences as me. I have said that | Read More »

    Protestors Should Put Up, or Shut Up!

    I started to blog for a number of reasons. First, I did not like the direction that our country was heading. Second, my father was a big political pundit and after he died I felt it would only be fitting to do my best to carry out the conservative message he taught me. I am only a miniscule part of society and seriously doubt I | Read More »

    The Communist Manifesto

    Below are 10 points that summarize the message of the Communist Manifesto. I comment in those items where the Obama administration policies are following this manifesto.   Abolition of private property Heavy progressive income tax – This will get worse as Obama needs to pay for his socialized medicine and other spending programs. Especially if he has any desire to reduce the federal deficit or | Read More »

    Why Spending Policies Do Not Work

    Here are some reasons why spending policies such as welfare, universal health care, parts of the recent stimulus program, and so forth do not work:   Congressional members do not understand the root cause of many national problems they face because most have not encountered them in their lifetimes. For example, congressional members do not know what it is like to be poor. To be | Read More »

    Do As I Say, Not As I Do

    Many times Obama says the right things however; we must not get too caught up in this man’s charismatic and carefully chosen words. We must look at his actions to see the hypocrisy and the true Obama. During the campaign he ran as centrist, but the first four months of his Presidency has been anything but moderate. In fact, his is the biggest liberal social | Read More »


    I believe everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves, and I openly admit that I wanted Obama to succeed. After all, if Obama succeeds then everybody in our great nation should be the benefactor: prospering and excelling. I personally wish no ill will on Obama and his administration, but I have seen enough to want the man and his policies to fail. Obama may be | Read More »

    The Obama Czar System

    President Obama has already appointed a record 16 Czars to oversee many aspects of his administration. I suspect more Czars will be appointed, it seems there is a new one every week. Czars have been appointed by other Presidents, but nothing like the Obama administration. Czars are chosen by the President and do not have to be confirmed by the Senate. On the other hand, | Read More »

    Obama Weekly Lowlights

    It was actually a slow week for Obama. Maybe he is still recovering from his trip to the Middle East and Europe. Speaking of Europe, the center-right party won a resounding victory by claiming nearly 40% of the European Parliament seats. The center-right party won a majority of the seats in nearly 70% of the European Union countries. The Socialist Party only won in Denmark, | Read More »

    Norm Coleman Should Concede

    In my book I talk about how Republicans are for the most part gracious losers in political elections whereas Democrats are both sore winners and losers. In looking at the elections over the past decade most of the litigation and fights over “so called” election fraud and voter intent has been initiated by the Democrats. The most notable contested election was obviously the 2000 Presidential | Read More »

    The Ugly Politics of the Left

    I am getting tired of the ugly politics that the Democrats and media use to destroy the image of decent people to get their way on political issues. Here are just a few examples:   Arlen Specter – He recently got double crossed by the Democrats when we switched from the Republican to Democratic Party. Sure, Specter is getting what he deserves for making a | Read More »

    What Caused the Housing Market to Collapse?

    Thomas Sowell is one of the leading economist in the country and has authored many books. His book “The Housing Boom and Bust” covers why he believes the housing market collapsed in 2007. I have always liked Sowell’s views since he is a strong believer in laissez-fair economics. In other words he believes that the government should not interfere or should take a “hands off” | Read More »

    Why Obama Chose VP Biden

    During my corporate days I noticed a disturbing pattern. I noticed supervisors promoting mediocre or even well below average performers into management roles. I was befuddled by such decisions, but over time I was able to theorize as to why people made these questionable choices for managers. The reason a manager would promote subpar talent is because they did not want to promote someone that | Read More »

    Handicapping the 2012 GOP Presidential Hopefuls

    It is early, still over 3 years away from the 2012 Presidential Election, but it is always fun to try to prognosticate who will run against Obama. Unfortunately, I have not seen any leadership or a person that I think can beat Obama at this moment. However, a lot can change between now and then. Here are the early hopefuls:   Sarah Palin 15-1: I | Read More »

    GOP Surge?

    It is early, but Republicans are looking to start their comeback in 2009. There are two gubernatorial elections later this year that will be the first test if the GOP is going to start making a comeback. The two states of particular interest are Virginia and New Jersey. The Virginia seat is open, but it had been recently held by Democrats since 2002: Tim Kaine | Read More »

    Why Generation Y Tends to be Liberal

    Why do the young voters of Generation Y support Obama at a rate of better than 2 to 1? I believe there is an easy explanation as to why this is the case. For the most part Generation Y has had two extremes of parenting. First there are those parents that are not involved with the raising of their kids and then there are those | Read More »