They Cycle of Incompetence, Fear, and Dependence

    History has taught us many valuable lessons. Too bad we continue to make the same mistakes. A good friend pointed out a valuable premise in what most societies from the Roman Empire to the present have in common when chaos rules. First, there is incompetent leadership which insights fear into the public as conditions worsen. Finally, the masses become dependent and cling to a new | Read More »

    GM Leadership Mistake: Brian Deese

    Barack Obama has slated a 31 year old with no practical business experience to run and bring General Motors back to health. Deese has been on the Obama economic team as part of his automobile task force. He has been in position for about 6 months and despite his calling for and getting 30 billion dollars in bailout money, the auto industry is going into | Read More »

    Why Fiscal Responsibilty?

    Why should fiscal responsibility be the top point on the Republican platform? I believe this should be the case for numerous reasons that I will outline below:   The Obama administration is adding to our federal deficit at an alarming rate, faster than any previous President. Thus far Obama is averaging about 50 billion dollars to our national debt everyday he is in office. This | Read More »

    A Republican Platform

    Here is another shot at a Republican Platform. Please feel free to comment (omit, add, reword, change, etc.). Fiscal Responsibility Eliminate Earmarks – Simplify Bills and Legislation to eliminate waste. This promotes transparency. Implement the Fair Tax – Eliminate the IRS. This will also bring in more income to balance the budget while reducing taxes on all Americans. Balance the Budget – Goal should be | Read More »

    Sotomayor’s Life Story is an Excuse to Legislate

    All week I have heard about Sotomayor’s compelling life story. Sotomayor did face adversity as a youngster. She is the daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants who did not speak English. She was diagnosed with diabetes at age 8 and her father died when she was only 9. She grew up poor, living in a housing project in the Bronx. She overcame these obstacles and attended | Read More »

    A Conservative Platform

    1.      All Congressional and Executive members must pass a test on the Constitution 4 times a year, and must be held accountable when they venture outside the powers the Constitution permits. 2.      Since the American people fail to implement term limits on congressional members by voting them out of office, we should consider other options to make sure Congress is not dominated by the same | Read More »

    Update on Taxpayer Waste

    There were a couple of updates in the news today about the auto industry and the economy. Thus, it is probably a good time to update how our massive bailouts and stimulus tax dollars are performing.   Government Motors – It appears as General Motors moves towards bankruptcy it is more than likely the company will be government owned. Maybe I was naïve, but I | Read More »


    Work Unions are another reason for polarity in this country. Democrats usually support unions whereas, Republicans are for the most part against them. There is no arguing that unions have provided a valuable purpose in the past. Unions continue to fight for workers rights and more pay. This is certainly a noble cause, but it is my opinion that unions are no longer needed. Unions | Read More »


    What is up with California? Arguably the most liberal state in union, especially if you only consider the coastal areas, has made two significant conservative statements this past week. Last week California voters rejected a plan to increase their taxes to overcome their 25 billion short fall in their state budget. Californians not only rejected all of the state government referendums, but did it handily | Read More »

    Why Vote for a Liberal?

    I have said this before and I will say it again, I will vote for the most fiscally responsible candidate. If that happens to be a liberal Democrat, so be it. This got me thinking when I was looking over the Democratic platform, why would people vote for a liberal candidate (More details on each category can be obtained by reading more blogs):   If | Read More »

    Is German Socialism Failing?

    Finally, we have a wealth distribution report from what is considered one of the most successful socialistic countries in the world: Germany. A recent report states that 20% of all Germans live in poverty and that number is close to 30% in Eastern Germany. Germany is one of the Europe’s biggest economic powers, but like many democratic European states, it is a socialistic state. The | Read More »

    Obama Nominates Sonia Sotomayor

    Obama has nominated Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court replacing the retiring David Souter. From a political standpoint it is an excellent choice. If the Republicans try to block this pick using a filibuster, it could hurt their image further with women and Hispanics. Women and Hispanics are predominately liberal supporters. Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic ethnic group in the United States, and if | Read More »

    Dick Cheney to the Rescue

    George W. Bush took the heat from the media and the liberal left for 7 years after 9/11. He was called everything from a war monger to a war criminal. All the negative press worked as his approval ratings plummeted to some of the lowest in Presidential history. Bush’s unpopularity became the rallying point for the Democratic revival as they regained control of the House | Read More »

    The Obama Week in Review

    Iran Tests a Missile – I hope this finally convinces Obama what the Iranian objectives are over its nuclear program. I have always felt that Obama has believed the Iranian nuclear program was for energy reasons and not for weaponry. However, the Iranian motives are obvious to anyone with a small amount of commonsense. After all, I doubt it is a coincidence that Iran is | Read More »

    Obsolete the Penny?

    A very good example of United States government waste and incompetence is the printing of the penny at U.S. mints. It costs the government one point six cents to make a penny. In essence, United States mints are losing millions of dollars each year to make a penny. The penny is for the most part a useless value in our monetary system, so it can | Read More »

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