My Former Employers Fiscal Ineptitude

    In my book I bash my former employer for financially incompetent. I give plenty of examples to support my claim that most of their managers and financial employees cannot run their own finances let alone the finances of a business unit. The only reason my former employer has a healthy financial standing is because they have sold off all but basically one business unit which | Read More »

    Obama and Pelosi Continue to Waffle

    The liberal circus on Gitmo and torture continued this week. I really love the arrogance when a new person comes to power. They are naïve and think the answer to problems and situations that their predecessors faced are simple and easy implement. On Obama’s first day in office he closed Gitmo to appease his ego and to satisfy the left’s distain for the Bush-era. I | Read More »

    Who Will Benefit from the Global Warming Tax?

    Most conservatives are now calling the newly proposed cap and trade policies as the global warming tax. I know many liberals are irate at big businesses across America. They are agitated by how much profit the oil companies are raking in. They are angered by the high salaries of CEO’s. My question to the liberals is will they be consistent with their views and target | Read More »

    The Power Grab (Part II)

    I got a lot of grief for this statement in yesterday’s blog:   Just as Republicans used 9/11 to push their agenda in 2001, Obama is using the economic recession to push his liberal and somewhat socialistic agenda through Congress   As a fiscal conservative, a power grab means a larger government with increased spending. It also means government interference in the private sector. This | Read More »

    The Power Grab

    In my book I specifically write about how people behave when they obtain a position of authority. Do people behave the same, or do they let their authoritative power change their behavior for the worse? I believe most people abuse their authority and change for the worse. Authoritative positions can be government leaders, corporate managers, and even everyday people like police officers. I also believe | Read More »

    Opposing Viewpoint to my Credit Card Post

    Below is a response I got from a reader that gave a different viewpoint on my blog: “Proposed Credit Card Laws Promote Mediocrity”. I appreciate any reasonable feedback that contradicts my viewpoint. My viewpoint is limited only to my experiences, hence it is good to other opinions and views. Here is the different view point:   I work in banking and in no other area | Read More »

    The Media, Politicians, and Hollywood

    Yesterday, the media, politicians, and Hollywood elite attended a correspondence dinner in Washington DC. I am sure the event raised a lot of money that can be put to some good use or more than likely be squandered on something meaningless. In any event, I am tired of hearing about all these events that only so called VIP’s can attend (even if the common man | Read More »

    Proposed Credit Card Laws Promote Mediocrity

    Obama wants new credit card legislation that protects the consumer from the fine print. The fine print that shows the hidden fees and interest rate hikes. Unfortunately, this bill will probably pass with both Republican and Democrat support and is nothing more than another government power grab in the private sector. What’s worse is that this legislation will only encourage people to live beyond their | Read More »

    White House Aide Caldera Resigns

    White House Aide Louis Caldera has resigned following the Air Force One photo-op fiasco over New York City. That incident panicked hundreds of residence and brought back bad images of 9/11. Caldera ran the White House Military Office and took responsibility for the incident. To be honest, I am shocked that Caldera resigned since there was very little backlash from the media over the incident. | Read More »

    Obama is a National Defense Menace (Part III)

    Looking closer at the 17 billion dollars in budget cuts proposed by Obama, half were in defense. I am sure there is plenty of waste in defense spending. In my corporate engineering days I worked on militarized integrated circuits for defense applications. We simply took commercial integrated circuits and tested them over a wider temperature range and put the product in a more expensive hermetic | Read More »

    What was Learned from the Bank Stress Tests?

    The Treasury Department released its finding of the bank stress tests yesterday. In short, their findings concluded that 10 of the 19 largest U.S. banks were in need of 75 billion dollars to avert bankruptcy and endure the current economic recession. Nearly half of the 75 billion identified was for Bank of America. Thus, 9 banks qualified for a combined 40 billion in bailout money. | Read More »

    The Obama Hypocrisy Continues

    Obama announced today he wants to cut 17 billion dollars from the national budget. Obama said all along he would go over the budget line by line and eliminate programs that are not working and cut waste. I guess we cannot accuse Obama for not keeping this campaign promise, but it falls far short of addressing our budget and deficit issues. His savings amounts to | Read More »

    The Obama Plan to Reduce the Deficit

    According to Charles Krauthammer, Obama plans to reduce the national deficit through entitlement reform. He plans to reform Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid by making them more progressive. In other words, the wealthy will get lower social security and Medicare benefits when they retire. I do not have a problem with this per se, but I am worried about a few things. First, I am | Read More »

    Obama: Failing Business 101

    I have seen this mistake made hundreds of times in the business world and the Obama Administration is falling into the same trap. Whenever a new manager or administration takes over a business or the White House, they impatiently try to push their agenda without first understanding their current budget. For example, when I was chartered to take over a lab for a new business, | Read More »


    A prime concern now that the Obama Administration has flooded the economy with money is stagflation. Stagflation is when inflation is high and the economy is poor at the same time. A bad economy is when there is high unemployment and negative growth (Gross Domestic Product – GDP). Today, the economy is poor, but inflation is in check. However, inflation can spiral out of control | Read More »