The Obama Week in Review

    Iran Tests a Missile – I hope this finally convinces Obama what the Iranian objectives are over its nuclear program. I have always felt that Obama has believed the Iranian nuclear program was for energy reasons and not for weaponry. However, the Iranian motives are obvious to anyone with a small amount of commonsense. After all, I doubt it is a coincidence that Iran is | Read More »

    Obsolete the Penny?

    A very good example of United States government waste and incompetence is the printing of the penny at U.S. mints. It costs the government one point six cents to make a penny. In essence, United States mints are losing millions of dollars each year to make a penny. The penny is for the most part a useless value in our monetary system, so it can | Read More »

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    Should Everyone have the Right to Vote?

    Everyone has the right to vote with the exception of people that had committed a felony and a few other exceptions. The right to vote is a Constitutional right so nothing can be done about this unless the Constitution is amended and it will not happen. However, why should people who do not understand the basic issues have the right to vote? Time Magazine asked | Read More »

    The State of Our State Economies

    The 2009 Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has ranked the economies of each state and the District of Columbia based on 4 criteria: Their budget condition, their change in employment, the number of home foreclosures, and their food stamp case load. There are a few interesting aspects about this report:   26 of the top 31 states with the worst economies voted for Obama | Read More »

    Stimulus Fraud

    Were there is money; there will be fraud and scams. So it should not come as a surprise that there will be financial scams galore following the Obama Administration’s stimulus plan. Grifters and con-artist will be the highest growing employment opportunity in this country as they try to scam innocent people out of their money. We as a nation and as a people need to | Read More »


    Protectionism is when the government pushes it citizens to buy home made products. We have all heard the protectionism slogan “Buy American” before. Governments may achieve protectionism by levying taxes on imports from other countries so Americans are forced to buy cheaper home made products. The U.S. government has enacted many protectionism clauses in the recently passed stimulus bill. The Democrat led Congress feels this | Read More »

    Obama’s Notre Dame Speech

    Obama was once again very smooth and charismatic giving his Notre Dame Commencement speech. He spent a long time tackling the sensitive abortion issue and I thought he did a good job. He asked for supporters on both sides of the issue to disagree respectfully. He pledged to reduce the number of abortions by making adoption easier. He said a lot of the right things. | Read More »

    Americans should take America Back!

    If you are mad as hell about the direction this country is heading, I suggest you read this article. I am going to post this article at least once a week and hopefully it gets some traction.  I updated the list of demands below based on some feedback.   Glenn Beck did have a town hall meeting with ordinary Americans on his show. Let’s hope | Read More »

    My Former Employers Fiscal Ineptitude

    In my book I bash my former employer for financially incompetent. I give plenty of examples to support my claim that most of their managers and financial employees cannot run their own finances let alone the finances of a business unit. The only reason my former employer has a healthy financial standing is because they have sold off all but basically one business unit which | Read More »

    Obama and Pelosi Continue to Waffle

    The liberal circus on Gitmo and torture continued this week. I really love the arrogance when a new person comes to power. They are naïve and think the answer to problems and situations that their predecessors faced are simple and easy implement. On Obama’s first day in office he closed Gitmo to appease his ego and to satisfy the left’s distain for the Bush-era. I | Read More »

    Who Will Benefit from the Global Warming Tax?

    Most conservatives are now calling the newly proposed cap and trade policies as the global warming tax. I know many liberals are irate at big businesses across America. They are agitated by how much profit the oil companies are raking in. They are angered by the high salaries of CEO’s. My question to the liberals is will they be consistent with their views and target | Read More »

    The Power Grab (Part II)

    I got a lot of grief for this statement in yesterday’s blog:   Just as Republicans used 9/11 to push their agenda in 2001, Obama is using the economic recession to push his liberal and somewhat socialistic agenda through Congress   As a fiscal conservative, a power grab means a larger government with increased spending. It also means government interference in the private sector. This | Read More »

    The Power Grab

    In my book I specifically write about how people behave when they obtain a position of authority. Do people behave the same, or do they let their authoritative power change their behavior for the worse? I believe most people abuse their authority and change for the worse. Authoritative positions can be government leaders, corporate managers, and even everyday people like police officers. I also believe | Read More »

    Opposing Viewpoint to my Credit Card Post

    Below is a response I got from a reader that gave a different viewpoint on my blog: “Proposed Credit Card Laws Promote Mediocrity”. I appreciate any reasonable feedback that contradicts my viewpoint. My viewpoint is limited only to my experiences, hence it is good to other opinions and views. Here is the different view point:   I work in banking and in no other area | Read More »

    The Media, Politicians, and Hollywood

    Yesterday, the media, politicians, and Hollywood elite attended a correspondence dinner in Washington DC. I am sure the event raised a lot of money that can be put to some good use or more than likely be squandered on something meaningless. In any event, I am tired of hearing about all these events that only so called VIP’s can attend (even if the common man | Read More »