Obama is a National Defense Menace (Part III)

    Looking closer at the 17 billion dollars in budget cuts proposed by Obama, half were in defense. I am sure there is plenty of waste in defense spending. In my corporate engineering days I worked on militarized integrated circuits for defense applications. We simply took commercial integrated circuits and tested them over a wider temperature range and put the product in a more expensive hermetic | Read More »

    What was Learned from the Bank Stress Tests?

    The Treasury Department released its finding of the bank stress tests yesterday. In short, their findings concluded that 10 of the 19 largest U.S. banks were in need of 75 billion dollars to avert bankruptcy and endure the current economic recession. Nearly half of the 75 billion identified was for Bank of America. Thus, 9 banks qualified for a combined 40 billion in bailout money. | Read More »

    The Obama Hypocrisy Continues

    Obama announced today he wants to cut 17 billion dollars from the national budget. Obama said all along he would go over the budget line by line and eliminate programs that are not working and cut waste. I guess we cannot accuse Obama for not keeping this campaign promise, but it falls far short of addressing our budget and deficit issues. His savings amounts to | Read More »

    The Obama Plan to Reduce the Deficit

    According to Charles Krauthammer, Obama plans to reduce the national deficit through entitlement reform. He plans to reform Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid by making them more progressive. In other words, the wealthy will get lower social security and Medicare benefits when they retire. I do not have a problem with this per se, but I am worried about a few things. First, I am | Read More »

    Obama: Failing Business 101

    I have seen this mistake made hundreds of times in the business world and the Obama Administration is falling into the same trap. Whenever a new manager or administration takes over a business or the White House, they impatiently try to push their agenda without first understanding their current budget. For example, when I was chartered to take over a lab for a new business, | Read More »


    A prime concern now that the Obama Administration has flooded the economy with money is stagflation. Stagflation is when inflation is high and the economy is poor at the same time. A bad economy is when there is high unemployment and negative growth (Gross Domestic Product – GDP). Today, the economy is poor, but inflation is in check. However, inflation can spiral out of control | Read More »

    Why is Miss California a Villain?

    Miss California lost a chance to be Miss America because she truthfully answered a question. A gay judge asked Miss California’s opinion on gay marriage and she replied that she believes marriage should be between a man and women. This unfortunately cost her a shot at being Miss America. This is what disturbs me about this whole incident.   This should not have even been | Read More »

    The Perfect Liberal Storm

    The past few months could not have played out any better for the Democrats. The 2008 election cycle was going to be a good year for Democrats. Many people blamed an unpopular George W. Bush for everything that was wrong in this country. Since the former President was a Republican, his entire party was going to suffer. The financial meltdown a few months before the | Read More »

    Why Move to Socialism?

    Some argue that even if Obama gets his way on most of his policies, the U.S. still would not be a socialistic society. That may be true, but what is the motivation to move this great country in that direction? I certainly do not understand it. Most of the world’s nations are dictatorships, communist, or socialistic societies. There are only a few capitalistic societies that | Read More »

    What can we Hope for in an Obama Presidency?

    This was a post I put up after Obama got elected. It is interesting to see how many of these he has already broken! We can only hope that Barack governs left-center instead of left as his record indicates.            We can only hope that Barack appoints judges who govern by the law, and not on empathy and emotion. We can only hope that Barack | Read More »

    Spending Versus Investing

    If we listen closely to all the rhetoric carefully the Democrats refer to the Obama stimulus plan as investing and the Republicans call it spending. What is the difference? Waste! Government spending is generally wasteful. On the other hand, investing means the government and taxpayers will get a return on their investment. When have the taxpayers ever gotten a return on our tax dollars? I | Read More »

    Where Is the Republican Leadership?

    The below post was written by a good friend (Mike Skorcz) who reads my blog. I thought it would be good to display another person’s viewpoint on the conservative movement.One of the things that disturbs me the most about today’s political landscape that none of the conservative pundits are addressing is the lack of leadership in the Republican Party. Who are the leaders of the | Read More »

    Should We Indict Obama for Torture?

    My definition of torture is unfair or unjust treatment that insights panic and the fear of death or results in death. Under my definition, the Bush Administration did torture a few enemy combatants. However, I still believe it is better to violate the rights of a few to save the rights of thousands, so I do not have any problem with what the Bush administration | Read More »

    Opposing View On my Liberal Robin Hood Blog Yesterday

    Below is excerpt from one individual that lambasted my blog yesterday on “Liberal Robin Hood Plans do not Work”. I respect other people’s viewpoints and I think it is good to show them. I certainly do not claim to have all the right answers. First, I will answer a few of the reader’s questions or statements directed towards me.   I may not have been | Read More »

    Obama Turns His Back On African-Americans

    Why did Barack and Congress agree to halt the Washington DC educational voucher program? The program gave $7,500 dollars annually to African-American families to attend private or Parochial schools instead of the failing public system in DC. The program had been a success judging by graduation rates and test scores. It was very popular with the kids and families that were given the opportunity. I | Read More »