Obama’s Anti-American Rhetoric

    I for one am tired of the President Obama apologizing for past U.S. behavior as he did while he was in Europe. Obama tried to rally French and German support as he told their citizens that America had acted poorly over the past decade. If we are going to live in the past, maybe we should bring up WWII and how America saved the French | Read More »

    The Liberal Corporate Policy

    Our country is moving towards a socialistic society everyday as our federal government increases its power and size. A socialistic society is one where the central government is very large and taxes its people heavily to support all their social programs such as health care. The United States is moving in this direction. John Edwards and Barack Obama, both insist all of America’s problems are | Read More »

    American Should Take America Back

    If you are mad as hell about the direction this country is heading, I suggest you read this article. I am going to post this article at least once a week and hopefully it gets some traction.    Glenn Beck did have a town hall meeting with ordinary Americans on his show last Friday. Let’s hope he continues to do this every so often (at | Read More »

    The Economic Blame Game

    I am tired of hearing Democrats say they inherited the bad economy. The Democrats are being naive if they think they have no ownership over what happened and what will transpire in the future. I wish they would quit playing the blame game and move on already and address the current problem. This is why Democrats now own the economy: 1. The Democrats let Fannie | Read More »

    Tea Party Observations

    There were two main complaints by the people that attended any one of the numerous Tea Parties around the country: Spending and Taxes. I talk about both of these in my book “Is America Dying?” extensively. Let’s briefly address a few of the solutions I talk about in my book:Spending – Redundancy is a good thing in activities such as rock climbing. It is good | Read More »

    Governors or Senators?

    This is an old blog from my previous site, but I think it helps explain some of the inexperienced issues that Obama is having such as organizational and vetting problems:    The 2008 Presidential Election is a good example to analyze as to who makes a better candidate for President. We can look at both Barack Obama (Senator) and Sarah Palin (Governor). Although Palin was | Read More »

    Obama’s Change: A Step Backwards

    The analysis of Congressional leadership yields many similarities when compared to corporate Wall Street leaders who have brought about the financial meltdown. Who ever came up with the word “Congress” really provided us with a clever play on words and foreshadowing. If “progress” means forward movement, then logic would dictate that “Congress” should mean backwards movement. Backwards movement would be an excellent way to describe | Read More »

    The Hypocritical Oath

    Doctors take what is known as the “Hippocratic Oath” when they become physicians. The Hippocratic Oath is to ensure that physicians practice medicine in an ethical fashion. Our government officials such as the President, cabinet members, judges, Congress, and so forth must also take an oath to swear that they will serve and protect our Constitution. I really do not see the sense in having | Read More »

    Friday’s Obama Headlines

    Joe Biden   Biden told the press yesterday that he would not recommend traveling anywhere on an airplane due to the flu epidemic. Although Biden is probably correct that it is best for families to be cautious and airplanes are a haven for spreading cold and flu viruses. However, the last thing the Obama administration wants to do is to create a panic and hysteria. | Read More »

    110,000 Dead Iraqis

    The liberal count of Iraqis that died from the Iraq War is about 110,000 according to a recent Associated Press article. This equates to about 0.38% of the Iraqi population dying from the war. This is around the same percentage of brave American soldiers that lost their lives in WWII (and the war was not fought on U.S. soil). The only war fought on American | Read More »

    Obama: A National Defense Menace

    It did not take long for the Obama administration to cave into the liberal left to release Bush-era memos about torture. He did despite the CIA recommending against it. The CIA claimed that it undermined our national defense to let our enemies know what techniques the U.S. used to obtain information. The CIA is right. By releasing the information it would further alienate the liberal | Read More »

    Obama’s Financial Ineptitude

    The Obama Administration is following the poor example set by the Bush Administration’s massive deficit spending. To me, the only good politician is a fiscally responsible politician and they are hard to find. It should not be asking too much for a government to treat my tax dollars the way I treat my income. Weather you agree with the Iraq War or not, I feel | Read More »

    Do Obama and Biden Spread Their Wealth?

    Obama and Biden do not give nearly as much to charities as McCain or Palin. Palin’s family made 165K last year and gave over 8K to charities. Biden made over 2 million and gave just over 3K to charities. Obama has not helped any of his family members that live in poverty. Maybe if Obama and Biden practiced spreading the wealth by giving to charities | Read More »

    More Examples of Spreading the Wealth

    Here is a comment I got from a reader to my spreading the wealth example blog yesterday: The problem with spreading the wealth is that anyone for it is going to come back and tell you that what a high percent of homeless are children. Here are some other instances of spreading the wealth I can think of: How much do the states and federal | Read More »

    The Obama Hypocrisy Press Conference

    Here are some observations of the press conference by one reader (Mike Skorcz):Did you watch last night’s press conference? If you didn’t fall asleep, or channel surf over to TV-Land to watch ‘The Andy Griffith Show’, where Barney and Gomer display more sense then Obama, then you may have noticed something quite astonishing. When addressing the question regarding safeguarding Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal from the invading | Read More »