Republican Newsletter

    Hello Fellow Republicans. I want to share some exciting news with you all about the Newsletter I am currently putting together. It is going to be a Republican newsletter geared for the Republican resiedents in the State of Michigan. We are currently less than two years away from our next Governer race and Michigan has to go Republican this election, it must! This will also | Read More »

    Republican Newsletter for Michigan

    Hello All, I am currenty starting a newsletter for Michigan Republicans, this will be a monthly hard copy. I have done a lot of research and still have a lot more to do. I am looking for help and guidence from anyone that wants to.  Please contact me for further information at: [email protected]

    Scuttlebut Around America 2008

    Mrs. Claus and the elves are restless whispering and sharing some more bad news – Santa’s gone to the White House with the out of money blues The “White House Mavericks,” Paulson, Pelosi, Dodd and Reid are hiding behind closed doors – playing dirty monopoly not attending to chores Dennis Miller has written a new speech for Biden – so now dear Joe is jumping | Read More »