Err … Does Newswe[a]k Actually Think This Will *Hurt* Palin? (UPDATED)

    Heh … If the McCain/Palin campaign is smart (still an open question as far as I’m concerned), Sarah Palin should be having a lot of fun with this over the following weeks – that is, if Newsweak doesn’t pull a switch (which is why I urge everyone to save themselves a copy). Please do take a look at Newsweak’s magazine’s October 13th edition’s cover. (H/T | Read More »

    NewsWeeek Photo Jab At Palin

    Newsweek Cover: Sarah Palin: She’s One of the Folks (and thats her problem) The cover shot of Palin was not retouched like most mags do with anyone on cover (they have all time with Obama) and their headline basically attacking Palin as one of the folks with her pic not retouched and the cover was done to be slam on Palin I say we tell | Read More »


    Newsweek LIKED Palin Last Year!

    From 10/15/07 Article New research shows that voters give female governors significantly higher marks than their male counterparts on such qualities as honesty, cooperation and caring—as well as toughness. And at a time when the national debate has become poisonously partisan, governors like Napolitano, 49, and Palin, 43, are making their mark with a pragmatic, postpartisan approach to solving problems, a style that works especially | Read More »

    At Newsweek, they tell us that McCain has cooties

    It seems that the glossy Newsweek infotainment magazine has a feature wherein they give candidates up arrows and down arrows. John McCain has been even with or, in a few polls, ahead of Obama despite the latter’s messianic tour of Europe with its fawning press coverage, gets a down arrow for last week. Why? Here’s Ken Shepherd at But to Newsweek’s Conventional Wisdom (see | Read More »

    Memo to Obama’s media sycophants: left-wingers started madrassa “smear”

    Ever since Newsweek released a poll that showed the general election virtually tied, many Obama supporters have pointed to opinions about the senator’s religious background as the cause of his problems. Broadcast bloviators and many print journalists attribute these “smears” to the “right-wing,” “Republicans,” “conservatives,” ad nauseum. In fact, the editor of the New Yorker, which published the tasteless and banal parody cover of Barack | Read More »

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