Rush gets real apology from Whitlock

    Jason Whitlock has long been one of this Rush Dittohead’s favorite sports and social commentators, so it was with much chagrin when he wrote a column during the recent Rush-NFL Rams-bid controversy repeating false racist statements to Limbaugh and his Excellence in Broadcasting “network”. But I am not surprised that the Kansas City Star reporter has redeemed himself: Let me first apologize to Rush Limbaugh. Last | Read More »

    You see, Rush Limbaugh IS a racist.

    NFL’s “Rush” to Judgment: The New “Acceptable” Discrimination

    (A clearly not racist cartoon about Condi Rice) In the post-partisan post-racial America led by former ACORN community organizer and Nobel Peace Prize Winner (those two are one and the same are they not?) Barack Hussein Obama, discrimination has become the law of the land. The man fighting for “social justice” and “fundamental change” of America is doing his best to coordinate efforts on all | Read More »

    NFL… Maybe I Never Knew You.

    Michigan is a special place not unlike many other locations in the midwest when fall arrives.  You can actually SMELL football in the air.  Its a wave of nostalgia that I know is shared by many others who have for a long time have been avid fans of the Saturdays replete with back to back challenges worthy of the greatest gladiators that ever existed. Some | Read More »

    Limbaugh the Sequel: Is it Possible to Embarrass the NFL?

    After the NFL has made a mockery of itself by obsequiously smacking its forehead against the ground on which DeMaurice Smith, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton walk, it is up to NFL fans to find out if it is possible for the NFL to be embarrassed any more. Remember, this is the league that welcomes people convicted of homicide, rape, burglary, wife-beating and dog-fighting back | Read More »

    Rush is a perfect fit for the NFL

    I just really don’t get it.   I mean, i do understand that the NFL has a reputation to protect, and must look like they are the premiere sports league in the world.  Both talent wise, and morally. However… We all know that Rush Limbaugh is not a racist.   We know that he is called one by those that wish nothing but his demise, simply because | Read More »

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    Irrelevant Al throws pebbles at Rush’s toes

    If Al Sharpton ever actually earned the title “Reverend”, I’d sure like to hear about it. Did this talking pile of pig-crap ever actually pastor a church? That would be a sad, unshepherded flock if so. Irrelevant Al is bleating again, in the oh-so-unsurprising matter that has come to light recently. He’s unhappy, and the left-biased media wants to make sure you hear about it, | Read More »

    NFL Week 3 Pick ‘em

    Since I’m the only person that picked both weeks so far, it’s pretty pointless to post yearly summaries, so I’m not. Last week’s summary: danasdaddy: 13 Finrod: 6 Week 3 games: Sunday, September 27th Washington at Detroit Green Bay at St. Louis San Francisco at Minnesota Atlanta at New England Tennessee at NY Jets Kansas City at Philadelphia NY Giants at Tampa Bay Cleveland at | Read More »


    NFL Week 1: Memorial Pick ‘em

    What with the demise of, and since no one else has stepped up, I’m posting the NFL match-ups for the week for people to pick. Make your picks quickly, since the season kicks off tonight! Thursday, September 10 Tennessee at Pittsburgh Sunday, September 13 Miami at Atlanta Denver at Cincinnati Minnesota at Cleveland Jacksonville at Indianapolis Detroit at New Orleans Dallas at Tampa Bay | Read More »

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    NFL Adds Federal Team to Ensure Competition

    NEW YORK (OP) — In a surprising move sure to rock professional sports, The National Football League announced today the creation of a 31st team.  Tentatively dubbed “The Federal Co-ops,” the new team is slated to begin play in four years, or for the 2013 season. Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, said, “President Obama and the Democratic leadership have been in secret negotiations for the past | Read More »

    Is Plaxico Burress the next plaintiff in a Gun Ban Law Challenge?

    First, Plaxico Burress is a moron.  Let’s get that out of the way.  Mr. Burress is a wide receiver for the New York Giants, and hero to the G-Men fans for helping their team vault over the previously undefeated (and seemingly unconquerable) New England Patriots in last year’s Super Bowl.  But last weekend, he crossed the Hudson into a downtown Manhattan night club with a | Read More »

    A Fool And His Money Are Easily Parted…Tips from an Expert

    As the economy fails and stock market falls, it’s amazing to someone like me, what kind of ridiculous things that companies still offer for sale, or even more ridiculous, what a person, like me, might buy, even though I’m going through a ‘Major Financial Meltdown’…and I really should be buying Christmas presents…..and now that Barry’s in charge, can we still call it Christmas?

    Mac should look to NY for inspiration

    My advice to my fellow conservatives is for us to look to New York City for inspiration during this election cycle and the darkest of possible days that looms on Wed. Look to NY? Seriously? Yes, look to NY, almost a year ago NY came into the Superbowl a double digit dog, facing the most prolific offense in NFL history. League MVP, Superbowl MVP, media | Read More »

    Regarding Bret Favre

    Ok I really have to get this off my chest about the whole Brett Favre situation. I am really tired of the Green Bay Packers being made out to be the villains here. I cannot count the number times I have heard ESPN commentators or radio hosts say “Why wouldn’t they want him back? He will make the team better.” You would think they, of | Read More »

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