Sununu Battles Back

    David Broder, hardly a source likely to report good news for the GOP until it’s fully established, says that John Sununu is pulling back into striking distance of Jeanne Shaheen in a race many Republicans gave up for dead months ago: Here on the ground, it looks a lot less certain that Democrat Jeanne Shaheen will cut short the promising career of Sen. John Sununu, | Read More »

    NH and CO SEN – GOPers Make Gains

    NH-SEN: UNH:Sununu 42 (40)Shaheen 46 (52) Rasmussen:Sununu 45 (39)Shaheen 50 (53) The 14 point lead from the last Rasmussen was the biggest one they have shown in the race. But the small 5-point margin in the most recent poll is the closest the race has been since last September. This race is a re-match from 2002 when Sununu won 51-47. Shaheen is a popular ex-GOV | Read More »