Today’s the Day

    You made your pledge, now lets fund Nikki Haley and blow up South Carolina in a very good way. I’m in for $500.00 because I believe in Nikki Haley. I believe we need leaders like her at the state level. And I believe if we can get leaders like Nikki elected, more will follow at the local, state, and federal level. Let’s blow up the | Read More »

    Supporting Nikki Haley Must be a Priority, Even if You Don’t Live in South Carolina

    I’m sure some people get tired of me saying it, but we have to get conservatives elected nation wide. It is not enough to focus on Washington. It is not enough to focus on our own state. We need to look across the country and find good conservatives down to the local level. That’s one reason I like groups like American Majority. They are going | Read More »

    Have you made a pledge yet to Nikki Haley

    Folks, as we’re seeing more and more it is going to take aggressive state leaders to fight against the federal incursion into our daily lives.You need to pledge to help Nikki Haley. Let’s light the fuse on this moneybomb on the 30th.But pledge today. We need to get this thing going.Don’t doubt me on this. We need Nikki Haley in office.

    Nikki Haley’s Money Bomb

    Folks, if you read my post on how we do it, you need to understand that intrinsically we cannot do it just at the federal level.We must have state leaders who will zealously defend the states’ turf against the feds. We have to raise up conservative leaders in the states because with strong conservatives in the states, we stand a greater chance of rebuilding a | Read More »

    Mitt Romney does good today. Endorses Nikki Haley.

    We’ve been after Mitt Romney for a while for not going all in for Doug Hoffman or Marco Rubio then coming out for Bob Bennett.Today he is really redeeming himself. Romney is going all in for Nikki Haley in South Carolina. The endorsement comes today. Huge news. CNN is now reporting on it (insert disclosure here related to post below).Haley is going up in the | Read More »

    Nikki Haley On TV

    We need this woman in office. Help her.

    Passion, Risk, And Reward

    “Extraordinary times call for bold risk and leadership. These are extraordinary times. If we fail, we are no worse off than we were before. But if we win, the rewards will be much, much greater.” Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey showed true and very real leadership yesterday at CPAC. To understand why, and I hope conservative groups and tea party activists read this post | Read More »

    Upcoming Focus Group: Charleston SC area….

    I just received this email from a Focus Group company that I have been used for in the past. The last time I attended one of these, I was part of a group that critiqued the campaign ads for BHO, contrasting them with the ones from Hillary and John Edwards. It was the most comical two hours of my life. All the “progressive minds” that | Read More »

    Let’s Make a Last Push for Nikki Haley

    Attention on deck. Tomorrow is December 31st.We need Nikki Haley to make a really good showing in her financial disclosures.Give what you can. Consider alarm bells going off.The RedState community has been very generous in the past. I know a lot of you are fixated on other races. But I cannot stress enough the importance of this race. Yeah, yeah, it’s South Carolina. But ladies | Read More »

    December 31st Looms

    “The last day of freedom comes if we do not elect freedom fighters. And Nikki Haley fights for freedom.” I would normally put up a post at this time of year with several candidates you might want to give money to.But right now we need to focus on one candidate because we have done a lot for a lot of people, but we need to | Read More »

    In Addition to Nikki Haley for SC Gov:

    Lt Gov of SC?  Tim Scott has my vote.  I have lived in the Lowcountry for about 9 years now.  And he is the real deal. Some of the public arguements that he got into while on the Charleston County School Board (and on the right side of those arguements, I might add) were legendary. He is no nonsense and is a Conservative (Noun). And | Read More »

    Nikki Haley Rising

    A new poll from South Carolina shows State Representative Nikki Haley has moved into third place (PDF) ahead of Congressman Gresham Barrett.Attorney General Henry McMaster and Lt. Governor Andrew Bauer are tied at 22% with Haley moving up to 13%.This is really good news for Haley. She’s moved up in the polling and is now ahead of an otherwise popular sitting Congressman. Significantly, Nikki Haley | Read More »

    All I Want for Christmas

    All I want from you guys for Christmas is simple, pick one of the following and make a $25.00 contribution:Nikki HaleySenate Conservatives FundNational Conservative Campaign FundMarco RubioMichael WilliamsSean Duffy

    Why we must unite behind Nikki Haley. All of us.

    Interestingly, as I write this, word comes from the paper that one of the GOP candidates for Governor of South Carolina, has been AWOL from his day job. Gresham Barrett, a South Carolina Congressman, has been absent from more votes in the United States House of Representatives than any other Congressman, Democrat or Republican.Barrett is, like the other guys in the race, a good guy, | Read More »

    A Conservative Endorses A Conservative — All Nouns

    Still up on the noun vs. adjective bit of conservatism, I want to make sure you all knew that Jenny Sanford, wife of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, has endorsed Nikki Haley for Governor.This is a big deal in the Palmetto State. Jenny Sanford has long been viewed apart from her husband as solidly conservative, both fiscally and socially. It’s not just that Jenny Sanford | Read More »