Veering Sharply from RedHot

    Skanderbeg and I have been having a brief discussion in RedHot and because the question he asked was so interesting, I thought I’d make it into a diary for further commentary. Here are the links: “Veering Sharply”“Re: Veering Sharply”“Re: Re: Veering” Some additional information has come in. Over the past few days there have been conflicting reports about the police presence at Victoria Terminus. The | Read More »

    Re: Re: Veering

    Skanderbeg, I’ve been reading a lot of explanations for why the train station police might have held their fire. The “armchair debriefings” I’ve read have discussed various theories ranging from the plausible to the pathetic, but all of them have assumed the police were in fact carrying loaded weapons — until this one. The explanations I’ve read are sometimes more, sometimes less charitable concerning the | Read More »