How many killed at Ft. Hood?

    As yet, even on Fox, it goes uncorrected I remember the first time I saw my youngest daughter. It was via ultrasound on a TV monitor as my wife’s doctor moved the unit over her belly. The doctor paused over her head, and with the mouse added a smiley face and a “Hello Mommy” text balloon. We had a video tape in the machine, so | Read More »

    Games Leftists Play

    Just a fun-loving bunch, aren’t they? From a Gold Star mom; It was a nasty evil thing to do back during the Vietnam war. People would call families claiming to be the military and tell their son had been killed and the family would later find it was a lie. Mental and emotional abuse and torture of the worse kind. Well what once was old | Read More »

    LA Times caught in yet another lie

    Kind of shocking that they’d lie, I know Patterico popped the LA Times writer Peter Wallsten attempting to blatantly change what John Cornyn of Texas said on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” regarding probing further into past statements made by Sotomayor. What Wallsten originally said; Only days earlier, Cornyn said in a radio interview that it was “terrible” for conservatives to be attacking Sotomayor as | Read More »

    Tea Party Media bias Awards-We have a Winner!

    Using tape of libs pretending to be Tea Party protesters? C’mon! In an age when there should be nothing that surprises anyone anymore, even I was taken aback by the blatant bias in the OSM (Obama Sold Media). CNN’s Anderson Cooper with his tremendously witty “teabagging” references can’t even pretend journalistic integrity. But this one has to be the winner, hands down.

    Tea Bags for LNN (Formerly CNN)

    Obviously they’re beyond coffee’s help there at the Liberal News Network For Mizz Susan Roesgen as she takes supreme offense to an Obama as Hitler sign, while it’s perfectly ok to do the same to Bush; Another group catches her mocking a man with a 2 year old child; So, passed around on Twitter today is a good idea. This in response to @ChristinaPerk suggesting | Read More »

    How big an idiot is Matthews?

    About this big? Via Powerline Blogs, former President Bush Ari Fleischer was invited onto Hard-Boiled by Chrissie “Tingly” Matthews, who as the interview opens tries to pretend Fleischer asked to be there. Matthews, asking; “Why are you here?” Fleischer reminds Matthews “…you invited me.” Lil’ Chrissie goes on asking questions, and attempting to interrupt the answers, finally saying “I’m happy we no longer have an | Read More »