Republicans and Donald Trump

    So, this morning, I saw a tweet promoted by the Republican Leadership Conference 2014 account, and I was curious because, you know, New Orleans is a two hour drive and I could’ve taken a day to go check this out. I clicked the link and immediately decided it was not worth a missed day of work. Why? The latest speakers to confirm are Donald Trump, | Read More »

    Winning the Future™ – Stuck In The Past

    Shaun Donovan, Secretary of the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department, writing in the Shreveport Times, way back in March; focused on her passion from Obama’s Winning The Future (™) speech. President Obama has made clear there is no greater economic policy than one that invests in our children’s future and helps America out-educate the world. That’s impossible if we leave a generation of children | Read More »

    A Way to Build Your Own Retirement Plan without Government Social Security! [New and Improved!]

    Dear Fellow RedStaters: I understand this is a political blog, but I just could not forgive myself if I didn’t let my fellow RedStaters know about this great opportunity to build your own retirement plan without government social security. FairTax.US | Build a Portable Retirement Plan & Live Healthy – One24 Independent PC Joining my One24 business team will help you build a portable retirement plan, | Read More »

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    Is Your Word Just Another Word?

    Do we truly mean something when we say it? Do we believe in honor, in our yes being yes and our no being no? It’s one thing to give a caveat or when you make a proclaimation or statement; it’s something more weighty when you say, “I will…” To be sure, no one is perfect, and daily we all say things we either don’t follow | Read More »

    William F. Buckley, Jr. on saying “no”

    There’s a letter to the editor in today’s Topeka Capital-Journal from Sarah Karl. The retired school teacher writes that politicians are acting like children. “The Republican Party, at all levels, is at the 2-year-old stage of development – focused on saying ‘no,'” Karl says. “Two-year-olds are beginning to realize there is a world around them. However, they want the world to continue meeting all their needs | Read More »

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    Proud to be in the Party of No

    Barry?…Talk to the hand It all started with this exchange… speciallist: Barack Obama is spending your money, TRILLIONS of dollars at a time…a trillion dollars could pay for the college education at a four-year public institution for EVERY student graduating high school from now until 2018…and that’s just 1 trillion…Obama has signed bills that triple the national debt to about 11 trillion dollars since he | Read More »

    Time to Act – Tell Congress NO Bank Nationalization

    I really don’t think that this needs much explanation. We have stories where Republican Senators are speaking positively of this.   It’s time to act – using Redstate’s & Human Event’s great CAPWIZ feature, please find your representatives (whether they be Republican, Democrat, or happy clown) & politely, professionally, let them know that Bank nationalization is a complete non-starter. Get this to your friends, family, | Read More »

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    Obama’s 95% Illusion

    One of Barack Obama’s most potent campaign claims is that he’ll cut taxes for no less than 95% of “working families.” He’s even promising to cut taxes enough that the government’s tax share of GDP will be no more than 18.2% — which is lower than it is today.It’s a clever pitch, because it lets him pose as a middle-class tax cutter while disguising that | Read More »

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    How to Fix the Financial Companies’ Fiasco Without a Bailout

    The government should loan the money to the financially troubled companies as preferred debt rather than buying any assets from them. (Preferred debt means that the principal and interest takes priority over all the company’s other debt and equity obligations.)The interest on the preferred debt should equal the T-bill rate plus 5% (adjusted daily). All of the borrowers’ net profits (after any taxes are paid) | Read More »

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    View From The North – The Debate

    No McCain knock out probably means Obama looked like the winner. Independents need to be afraid or seriously concerned about Obama’s ability to be the CINC of the armed serivces. The problem with the Independents is that they will see Obama as acceptable and they don’t look deep enough into the issues to see how Obama has “changed” his positions and how on some occassions | Read More »

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    Government Oversight … err Outta-Site

    1) The U.S. Government is Financially “Broke” and obviously is incapable of money management or fiscal conservatism … so why are we calling for more “Government Oversight” … We need Oversight on the Government.We need to identify exactly who was responsible for this current mess with all the zeal we went after Enron.Government created this problem so now Government fixes the problem they created?Barney Frank, | Read More »

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    Anybody here want to see a President Obama?

    I have read a few posts but I am not ready to criticize John McCain or Sarah Palin.In fact John McCain is ready in a time of crisis. The problems facing this country at this time are astounding and must be dealt with. And that will take someone with experience and a real love for this country. And as for Sarah Palin she is really | Read More »

    “Radio Free Europe”

    During the coldest days of the “Cold War” the oppressed people of Eastern Europe were starving to hear the truth regarding what was going on in the World … The News.Those who were seeking the Truth found it via “Radio Free Europe” and it informed and sustained millions of people who heard nothing but propaganda 24 x 7.Allow me to list some of the “Headlines” | Read More »

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    Big, bad WOLF?

    There’s something to be said about this children’s fairytale.. Yes,as we know it -ordinarily the girl does get the prince, the wicked witch is destroyed and all live happily ever after. BUT THIS IS NO FAIRYTALE.. and the wolf is very,real and very scary. His teeth are bared ,dripping with secret disdain and rabid words. His eyes- dark, like a great white, (may I elude | Read More »

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    Is it ghoulish and inappropriate for the GOP to hold its convention during Hurricane Gustav?

    Is it inappropriate for the GOP to hold its convention during Hurricane Gustav? Dems & 527s are already planning their ads to pounce on the Republicans for cheering and partying, while millions of non-evacuees in Louisiana and Texas suffer.

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