God and Family

    God and Family

    Yesterday, I finished my first semester of seminary. Thanks to so many of you for your prayers. A lot of people cautioned me when I started to be careful not to lose my faith. I’m not sure what seminaries they went to, but my faith has been well served by spending time in seminary. As I told my wife, I have found my tribe. Examining | Read More »

    The Greatest Story Never Told

    It seems the majority of Americans have joined me in realizing what a crappy movie Noah is. Take the Bible out of it. In fact, as my friend Brian Mattson points out, Noah isn’t even based on the Biblical telling of Noah, but on a gnostic fantasy where the serpent was the hero. Take all that out and Noah was still a pretty pathetic movie. | Read More »

    Alternatives to Noah

    Tired of Hollywood screwing up Christian themes and/or Christian stories from the Bible?  Looking for good science fiction, fantasy, horror, or other written stories encompassing that ‘What If’ element?  Tired of reading the secular stories filled with alternative life-style, tree-hugger, man-made global warming, or other leftist propaganda?  Here is an excellent article by Tony Breeden that presents a host of alternatives you should investigate and | Read More »

    Noah II: The Wrath of Cain

    WARNING! The following should not be read whilst eating or drinking, driving, or operating heavy machinery (I wish I could claim credit for this, but this is a work by my very good friend, ‘Kenzo’, with his permission he allowed me to post it, ‘enjoy’) Noah II: The Wrath of Cain Having read Red State’s detailed description of Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, it’s clear that this | Read More »

    Unserious faith

    Erick’s hilarious review of Darren Aronofsky’s new film “Noah” makes it sound ripe for the “Mystery Science Theater 3000″ treatment.  John Nolte at Breitbart salutes the technical achievements and solid acting performances, while condemning the overall message of the movie as “brilliantly sinister anti-Christian filmmaking.” Personally, I was of the “let’s give the movie a chance before we condemn it” school during the last few | Read More »

    A Few More Thoughts on Noah

    A Few More Thoughts on Noah

    I get that some of you like art house Euro sci-fi movies. Not me. The scene where Noah is explaining the history of the world and shows silhouettes of people killing each other from tribal men Roman centurions to red coats fighting yankees to the world wars was just silly to me. I did not go for a Christian film or a Biblical film. I | Read More »

    Darren Aronofsky’s Noah

    Darren Aronofsky's Noah

    “[W]e might should consider burning at the stake any Christian leader who endorses this movie.” I don’t get all the claims of radical environmentalism in Noah. I saw it last night. I did not draw out of it the environmentalism. In the movie, Noah took the position that all mankind had corrupted the earth with sin and God intended to wipe them all out. Noah | Read More »


    All work On The Ark and No Play Makes Noah a Dull Boy

    When I first heard about Noah I was fairly optimistic.  Like Erick Erickson, I really wanted to see this film but there was a lot of buzz in Evangelical circles that this film was going to be about Environmentalism and not God’s judgment and evident biblical themes in the movie.  Where was this buzz coming from?  Apparently almost a year ago there was a special | Read More »