Reagan 2.0, The Petition!

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average at 759. Less than 10% of its current value. The unemployment rate around 7%. Almost 40% higher than today. Inflation rate? 13%. Around triple of today’s. A misery index of 20%. More than double today’s. In the White House: Jimmy Carter. Hectoring America for its “malaise.” Then what happened? We elected Ronald Reagan president. Reagan cut the income tax rate | Read More »

    Kill the Bailouts

    If you are angered by Congress’ massive power grab, lack of accountability, intervention in the free market, and the reality that we now have taxation without representation, you need to go to the No Cash for Trash site. They have a great site that will let you see how Congress – both Senate and House members voted on the bailout. They also have a section | Read More »