President “Gutsy” Is there any reasonable person alive who would not have made the same “gutsy” call? I would have taken him out in the middle of Red Square at noon on a workday if I had a positive ID. Further, it would be logical for a president to have standing orders to kill or capture OBL if there was an opportunity. No need for “agonizing.” | Read More »

    It’s too soon for my Mitch Daniels diary but I can’t help it

    A brief history I am a full slated conservative* and proud of it. I have given money and time over the years like many hear and I have argued that we should react to every diary about a potential 2012 candidate with boilerplate attacks (though some will do it here). My political history goes something like this: 1982 — Register Democrat to drive my (California) | Read More »

    There IS Joy in Mudville

    Seen this very evening, less than an hour ago, at the neighborhood chicken eatery down the road, in David Scott’s district. The picture was taken by Wee Highlander on his phone, since I’m gizmo-challenged like that. It absolutely MADE MY DAY. That swastika on Rep. Scott’s sign? It’s looking more and more like a possible “self-inflicted hate crime.” While he’s getting all sorts of press | Read More »

    Presidential Candidates 2012

    I have been working on a full list of Possible Republican Candidates for 2012. The full list with photo and vote count can be seen on THE REPUBLICANDER. Please take a minute to take a look and vote for the candidate you would like to see as our next President. If the candidate that you want is not on the site please submit his or | Read More »

    Help in OHIO!!!

    Our friends the PUMAs are working hard to get out the vote in Ohio. A group from Chicago (DeMcCrats for McCain & Chicago Young Republicans) is spending the rest of the run up to the election in Ohio canvassing for votes. They need our help to fund the trip. They are looking for $4,500 to cover rooms and buses for those folks. These are very | Read More »


    Red meat here on Conservative economic credentials, with audiovisual to boot!

    Are you tired of having Obama-loving, newbie “left-leaning” and hardliner Dems as well, play deaf when you make your case for McCain’s (and Republicans’) economic credentials? I am. And, guess what? That statement by McCain on “the fundamentals of our economy” being strong? True statement! GDP, GDP per capita, growth of both…all are stronger than Asian countries and the EU, as well as most of | Read More »

    Krauthammer Endorses McCain. Can You say Never Surrender?

    I, amongst others have launched some very rare criticism at Charles Krauthammer. Some of this was obviously enunciated far too quickly. Witness the following from his opinion piece today; First, I’ll have no truck with the phony case ginned up to rationalize voting for the most liberal and inexperienced presidential nominee in living memory. The “erratic” temperament issue, for example. As if McCain’s risky and | Read More »


    Go Bama Obama Yard Sign I swear this is absolutely true. I have had this confirmed by multiple Alabama residents. But, in certain parts of Alabama, the Obama campaign’s yard signs are in great demand. Is it because they are in support of the candidate? Nope. Apparently, some fans of the Crimson Tide are adding a “G” to the sign so they can make their | Read More »


    A little help would be appreciated

    I donated to support this good idea. I ask that those who can donate do so ($5 is all they are asking from each donor). Show our PUMA helpers that we aren’t all Eeyores and that we too want to make sure it truly is NOBAMA!

    A Poem – by Chemical Sam

    No birds No bees No flowers No trees No wonder… No vember… No bama!


    Barack’s REAL plan. Fact from Fiction

    Want to know what Obama will do if he gets elected? Double capital gains taxes, Increase FICA taxes by 14 points making us pay more. Double tax on dividends, expand the inheritance tax, weaken the Patriot Act leaving us vonerable to terrorism. Weaken education standards. Expand health care so much that it forces us to ration medical care, hurting the elderly. Extend health insurance benifits | Read More »

    New video on Taxes

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    Can’t quite figure this out except that Obama seems to be up This site with a message was sent to me that Obama is using the net to save drivers license numbers and other info and registering voters? I can’t quite figure if he is registering a voter that is already registered but for a second time using info from someone who was a Dem but not now or even the Dems that are still registered | Read More »


    “The Drumbeat”

    There is a “Must Read” article published on American Thinker. “The Drumbeat”By William StansekiAmerican Thinker Very thought provoking with equally as provking comments. Redstate is a great site because of it members and I thought many member would enjoy this read. Thanks …