Fill-in-the-Blank Apology Script

    At first I was appalled and mesmerized and giggly when this video first came to my attention. The members of a new group, Conscious Men—a bunch of emasculated men (an oxymoron?), many with interesting hair and grooming choices—apologize to women for being men. If you don’t see a video above, click here to view it on YouTube. Part of the communal script from which they | Read More »

    Climate “Researchers” Discover That Antarctica Is Cold

    Behind the “Contributors” curtain at RedState, we often toss things we’ve found over to others who may be more qualified to use them. For example, your humble correspondent found that Pravda story about Hillary(TM) meaning four years of war – and tossed it over to Moe since he is the master of snark. Yesterday, Josh (Painter) found a new piece on “global warming” and tossed | Read More »