What happened to the Good ole Days?

    Reagen said during his administration that we should go back to the good ole days. To me the good ole days were the 80′s. I really miss those days. The music the carefree times. Of course I was a teen and a young adult in those days. I was recently made aware that there is supposedly a difference between “White” hearing and “black” hearing about | Read More »

    Lest We Forget…

    The trial of former Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA) begins in a mere three weeks. His friends and supporters feted him last night in New Orleans. ‘We’re with you, ‘ friends assure embattled former congressman William Jefferson Bill, if I were you, I wouldn’t turn my back… [Liberty Bank President Alden] McDonald, who called his longtime friend a “legend” and a “history maker, ” said Jefferson | Read More »