The One… and his current (campaign) speech…

    I was just watching President Obama giving his speech in Ohio. To summarize… “Blame Republicans… blame “the previous administration” (AKA: George Bush)… John Boehner… Not my fault… not our fault… John Boenner… Republicans are being mean to me… Clean Energy… solar pannels… Republicans are responsible for the pain my agenda is causing in your life… Republicans fighting my agenda/Democrats are solving problems (avoid mention I told | Read More »

    The Democrats’ budget has passed. [UPDATED]

    I’ve received word that the Senate passed our current budget monstrosity 55-43.  No Republican defections: we picked up Bayh and Nelson of Florida Nebraska [my bad!].  Earlier, the House version passed 233/196 with no Republicans voting for it, 20 Democrats voting against it, with supposed fiscal conservatives (and European junketeers) Charlie Melancon (LA-03) and Bart Gordon (TN-06) singled out for special ridicule as being part | Read More »