Shame on the GOP 3, Shame on You

    Watching the Senate vote live on C-SPAN 2, my near five-year old daughter asked what they were voting for. I told them they were voting to take her piggy bank away.  Then I explained that they were voting so that families like ours who work hard and do our homework could have our money given away to those who do not. Shame on the GOP | Read More »

    Obamedia will try to call the election early

    Obamedia will try to convince us that it is a waste of time to vote for McCain as the election for President is already over. Obamedia will try to disenfranchise Republicans out West by calling the election a Democrate win before the Western US has finished voting. Alaska will go for McCain but will be told it is over before Alaskan polls have closed. Do | Read More »

    I’m Not Racest

    I’m Not Racest: because I don’t want higher taxes!I’m not Racest: Because I want stronger National Security.I’m not Racest: Because I value life from conception.I’m not Racest: Because I believe in a strong National Pride!I’m not Racest: Because I know the little guy gets hurt when the wealthier are taxed more.I’m not Racest: Because I disagree with every policy That B.O. has planned.I’m not Racest: | Read More »

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    Obama is a fake

    Barry’s Hawaiian birth certificate was altered. He lied when he said his only living relative was his white grandmother in Hawaii. He has a half sister and brother in Kenya. His paternal mother admitted that he was born in Kenya. Phillip Berg Burg


    John McCain is NOT the same as Bush just as Obama is not Ayres. In America we are equal and American’s are free to be their own person. We resent being compared to a group of people. Obama doesn’t appreciate being compared to the Aryes group which is much more controversial. Barack Obama needs to understand that while the current president is not very popular, | Read More »

    This election is NOT over

    When my 4 year old can tell me Barak’s last name with out prompting but has no idea who John McCain is I realized that media wants us to think this election is over. I even heard that they are trying to find clever ways to keep views watching on election day since we’ll know who one by the time we all sit down for | Read More »

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    How stupid are people

    Please just go to this sound bite and then you tell me how smart the Obama voters are !!!! After you hear this then think about kind of an election is this ????

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    Could all of the following be true?

    This election has me very worried. So many things to consider. About a year ago I would have voted for Obama. I have changed my mind three times since then. I watch all the news channels, jumping from one to another. I must say this drives my husband crazy. But, I feel if you view MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News, you might get some middle | Read More »

    Hey Bill Kristol, The Election is not over!

    Bill Kristol, you Sir are a fraud, a wannabe Reagan Conservative, it is weak Centrist inside the beltway Republicans like you, who have brought America to the cusp of a disaster that disaster is Barrack “Barry” Obama. Thanks for pushing an unbeliever like John McCain onto the party faithful, the consistent call for bipartisanship by people such as yourself, is going to lead to a | Read More »

    Cost containment in health care has exploded inflation

    Mccain has a plan, simple but easily debunked in Vp debate. Need to express the vision of health care in US in the next 10 years.1. Reform: to transfer the responsiblilty for decision making to Family from Insurance companies.2. Empower communities for the quality of health care, and empower Hospitals and other providers to establish health care models like Mayo clinic/ Kaiser pernanate. Medicare/Medicaid dollars | Read More »

    Why Palin? Energy-

    Reform of GOP in Alaska, check.Work with Oil Companies, check.No international experience, er building a multi Billion USD pipeline through Alaska and Canada. International experience and enhancing oil supplies to the USA, check. Where have Biden or Obama delivered on an anti inflationary policy regarding energy or food? Their big Corn allies, Daschle, Thune, et al. That would have been a good place for Obama | Read More »

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