NPR: You guys are gonna get us all murdered!!

    When I decided about a month after 9/11 to still take my scheduled vacation out of the country, my mother bawled. She was extremely fearful of another terrorist event and I could be involved. I tried to quell my mother’s fears by telling her “mom this is the safest time to go. Security is at its tightest right now. Please don’t worry.” But this is | Read More »

    Saying “Republicans Want You to Die” *May* Be Bad

    “If the other side won’t have an honest discussion, so be it, but let’s not let them pretend they are being honest.”I did an interview with Brian Lehrer on WNYC this morning — public radio. Congressman Perriello was on before me talking about the line cutting at his brother’s house — an incident that must definitely be condemned.But what stood out was Perriello whining about | Read More »

    When you’re losing NPR…

    There is – some – good news for the administration in this latest NPR poll (via Political Wire, h/t Soren Dayton), but when you’re a Democrat getting these kinds of results among registered* voters**: Those are the chief findings of the latest NPR poll of registered voters conducted nationwide Wednesday through Sunday by a bipartisan team. The pollsters found 53 percent approving of the president’s | Read More »

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    Conservative NPR

    FoxNews tries hard, but their approach to “Fair And Balanced” is to put everyone, liberals, libertarians, and conservatives, on-screen at once and let them all shout at each other. That doesn’t work…

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    Grading Palin… and grading us?

    I was struck this morning by a comment made in passing that really shows a central problem in how the Left and the MSM (OK, so that’s the same thing) think of everyone that isn’t, well, the Left or the MSM (or a D.C. insider, Blue State resident, or Hollywood “expert” like Matt Damon).I was listening to N.P.R’s Morning Edition to see what the reactions | Read More »

    Not Livin’ Large in Ohio, Folks Can’t Even Afford Meat?

    That’s it. NPR has declared Ohio a disaster area. Things are so bad. NPR gravely warns, that folks in the Buckeye state can’t even afford to buy meat for their dinner tables anymore. It’s the end of civilization as we know it. Doom and gloom. Oh the humanity. It’s the end of the world as we know it… at least for one Ohio family that | Read More »

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