The Obama administration’s mistakes on the assault weapon ban.

    Note plural. Mistake #1: picking an Attorney General and administration spokesman who doesn’t even know current firearms law. Eric Holder was on today announcing that the Obama administration was going to bring back the “assault weapons” ban. As Purple Avenger of Ace of Spades notes, this is the same guy who called for making armor piercing bullets (“cop-killers”) illegal…

    Best President’s Day Sale Ad EVER

    Normally I don’t use my diary entries to plug products, but this morning I got the Best President’s Day Sale ad EVER from the National Rifle Association. With a new President and a gun-grabbing Attorney General in office, not to mention the all-Democrat Congress, I hope everyone at Redstate will consider buying some of these President’s Day Sale items to support the National Rifle Association. | Read More »


    Ted Nugent For N.R.A. President ?

    Ted Nugent may seek NRA President’s office. ——————————— He’s Got “2A” Fever ! Well I know just where they come from And they sure are great I know they out there for me. And I know just how they mean ’em and they sure mean good You know your Rights are not free ! They give me “2A” fever “2A” fever ! The first | Read More »

    Time for the NRA and Gun Owners to Fight

    The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has stated that the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution does not apply the Second Amendment to the states.  We need to fight this ruling.  The NRA needs to file a cert petition with the SCOTUS to get this under control.  We need to get this before Obama and the socialist justice department get their way and appoint new justices to the Court. We did not win | Read More »

    Will Gillibrand Flip on NRA?

    She had a safe seat in Congress. Now, she’s looking at a primary. Kirsten Gillibrand, New York Governor David Patterson’s choice to succeed Hillary Clinton in the Senate, is going to face intense pressure to renounce her support for the NRA. Having a 100 percent NRA record is safer for an upstate New York congresswoman than for a senator representing the entire state. So will | Read More »

    National Buy A Long Gun Day

    I was trying to think of a way to express the proper sentiment on this day on which GWB stops being the President, replaced by one who will be considerably less concerned with our freedom and much more concerned with how much money he can get out of us in taxes. The answer came quickly: a new stainless steel finish clip-loaded Semi-Auto by US maker Remington in the | Read More »

    The Other Side of the NRA Coin

    Jim Geraghty presents the other side of the NRA coin on the Holder matter here. I wanted to be sure to highlight it: The risk of defeat is high, and the rewards for victory are pretty small. And when you pick your hill to die on, you have to recognize that the consequence of failure is that you die. Beyond differences on strategy and priorities, | Read More »

    BREAKING: National Rifle Association Wusses Out On Holder

    The NRA Grassroots Hotline is 1-800-392-8683. Remember, if they tell you they are opposed to Holder, ask if they are going to score a vote and testify. The answer is “no.” They’re just going to send a letter. Sources inside the National Rifle Association tell me the NRA has succumbed to pressure from Democrats to not actively oppose Eric Holder. Holder has strident, well known | Read More »

    National Parks Allow Right To Carry

    There’s some very good news this morning from the NRA-ILA and the Department of the Interior. Many members of this blog will recall my posts from a few months back urging everyone to take part in the comment period on the proposed rule change that would extend right-to-carry laws in our National Parks. The rule change is good law, it’s consistent with Federalist principles, and | Read More »

    Please welcome to the world, The Israeli National Rifle Association.

    Is a Second Amendment in Israel’s near future ?The Israeli National Rifle Association”Founded in October of 2008, the Israeli NRA was created with the idea of uniting all Israeli citizens that believe in the right to self defense. Our purpose is to lobby members of Knesset to pass laws allowing all law abiding Israeli citizens who have completed military service, to own and carry guns | Read More »

    How Palin is Dragging Down the Ticket, Part MCMXII.

    The nerve! NRA hoping ads bag win for McCain Group pays to have message wrapped around newspapers. WASHINGTON | The National Rifle Association is planning an Election Day ad blitz in Pennsylvania and other battlegrounds, delivering an anti-Barack Obama message to the doorsteps of thousands of newspaper readers, including subscribers to The Morning Call. The gun lobby, which has endorsed GOP candidate John McCain, has | Read More »

    Ted Nugent

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    The new NRA ad: Or, Red Meat is for wimps.

    They do “rip it off the darn cow yourself if you’re so hungry.” Looks like the NRA’s endorsement of McCain – which, might I add, is pretty much all due to Sarah Palin – is going to pay some dividends: Let me put it this way: do you know how I’ll replace really egregiously bad attempts at agitprop with various and sundry YouTube videos? Just | Read More »


    You are home and a Felon breaks in what rights will you have under The One

    The NRA has a GREAT ad about Barack Obama today and we all know WE here love our Second Amendment….Obama has voted 4 times in the IL Senate so that you cannot have a weapon in your house to protect your family…..funny how that is the same number of times he voted to save the life of a baby who survived an abortion (MURDER) attempt….he | Read More »

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    An endorsement bonanza for McCain-Palin

    Promoted from diaries. I’d also like to note something that Geraghty did: no Republican candidate since 1980 has won the Presidency without the endorsement of the NRA. True, there were only two (Bush in ’92; Dole in ’96), but it was still a necessary hurdle for McCain to cross. – Moe LaneToday the McCain-Palin team raked in a bonanza of endorsements. According to conventional wisdom | Read More »