House Oil Party Conference call

    I was in on the conference call today with NRCC chair Rep. Tom Cole on what’s being called the “House Oil Party.” Some thoughts and questions from it: Rep. Cole started by thanking the right-blogosphere for being on top of this and helping to publicize it (a theme that would be repeated several times during the call). He also made sure to point out the | Read More »

    The NRCC takes the hint.

    But better late than never. And like Ed, I like calling this “the not-quite-in-motion picture” Congress is going to be a bear this go-round. No way to get around it. But, heck, the NRCC at least looks like that it’s going to go down swinging. So… stick and carrot, you know what I mean?

    Hey! Remember 2005, when you thought that two bucks a gallon for gas was a *lot*?

    You do? Well, go remind people, then. Be sure to also ask if they miss that $2.20/gallon that we were enjoying at the end of 2006, back when the GOP was still running Congress. And when you’re done with that, ask ’em what they think that the price of gas is likely to be after two more years of Democrats running Congress. Moe Lane PS: | Read More »

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    Hi, Nancy! Do you *really* want to play chicken over energy policy?

    Remember that the more annoyingly obstructionist and anti-regulatory the GOP is in the House, the more we the GOP base love them for it (something that the Senate GOP’s already noted). Which makes this short video about your disinclination to settle drilling before the August break (courtesy of the NRCC, and said group seems to have gotten the hint on this topic, at least), kind | Read More »

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