Ordering a Code Red

    Today, the NRCC launched Code Red — a project intended to provide the public with information on the current state of the healthcare debate while alerting them that the House is the battleground for saving our healthcare freedom. Additionally, this site provides ways for Americans to contact the Democrats whose arms Nancy Pelosi will be twisting to ensure passage of her healthcare takeover. My team | Read More »

    ‘The Blair House Project.’

    If it seems that this video fails to take today’s health care Kabuki theater summit seriously, well: …think of it this way: it’s taking it just as seriously as the Democratic party is.  The only difference here is that the NRCC swapped out Democratic arrogance for GOP mockery. Moe Lane Crossposted to Moe Lane.

    Reviewing the January 2010 fundraising numbers.

    The combination of CPAC and a reduced feeling of urgency delayed this for a couple of days, but here are the numbers for January.  Short version: RNC over DNC, effective ties (as in, less than 10K/20K differences ) for the Congressional and Senatorial committees, and the Democrats retain their cash-on-hand advantage. Raised CoH Debts RNC 10.53 9.48 0.00 DNC 9.19 10.20 4.68 NRSC 5.01 10.65 | Read More »

    From Pelosi, With No Love

    An unusual fundraising email Wednesday greeted the inboxes of supporters of the National Republican Congressional Campaign. In an email “from” Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “naive” Republicans were instructed to stop fretting over rising unemployment figures because “Democrats are in control now.” “We are creating a dependence on the government and we are succeeding,” the email, dripping with an rare degree of sarcasm for beltway | Read More »

    “Second Amendment Money Bomb”

    Clinton, S.C. – February 2, 2010 – State Representative Jeff Duncan, candidate for South Carolina’s Third Congressional District and Second Amendment advocate, announced today his campaign will conduct a “Second Amendment Money Bomb” event on February 25th.  The event will mark the 174th anniversary of the first patent for the Colt Revolver. “I keep my voter registration card in my gun case because one protects | Read More »

    Reviewing the December Fundraising Numbers.

    It’s that time again. Short version: RNC above DNC, DNC took a big cash on hand hit, NRSC over DSCC in the biggest shocker, NRCC/DCCC more or less the same, DCCC has a big CoH advantage, and blessed if I know how much any of this means, post-Citizens’ United and post-Brown. Raised CoH Debts RNC 6.84 8.42 0.00 DNC 4.54 8.67 4.69 NRSC 4.10 8.30 | Read More »

    Reverse The Vote!: a reminder.

    The subject came up yesterday about what specific funds groups like the NRCC can or cannot collect on their phone calls.  You see, there is a section of the GOP base that is simultaneously mad at the national committees and aware that said committees do in fact provide support for worthy Congressional candidates; unfortunately, it turns out that the FEC regulations are – surprise, surprise! | Read More »

    “Government Run Healthcare Just Beyond Your Fingertips.”

    ‘There’s an app for that.’  The NRCC has its moments. Although you have to wonder how surprised the person in that commercial should have been at being locked out of the process of ensuring less health care coverage for more money.  I mean, really: so what if the President promised eight times while on the campaign trail to bring in C-SPAN*?  Everybody knows by now | Read More »

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    The Texas 17th and the NRCC

    In what will be an all-too-familiar tune for Redstate readers, it looks like the NRCC is at it again, this time in the Texas 17th District. A little background is in order, to help readers understand this District and what is going on right now as we head into 2010. Texas 17 is a very conservative district, voting 65% Republican in state and national races. | Read More »

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    Reviewing the November Fundraising Numbers.

    It’s that time again. Short version: the RNC & NRSC beat out their Democratic counterparts – which is odd, considering that they’re the groups giving the Republican base the most aggravation; the NRCC pulled in less than the DCCC; the Democrats have a pretty good COH advantage (although the RNC spent a bunch of money in November); and the Democrats apparently aren’t planning to retire | Read More »

    I Believe in Fiscal Responsibility

    So far, in our “I Believe” series we have discussed the topics of Healthcare, Family, and Veterans.  When you look at all the problems currently facing our country, one of the most dangerous concerns is excessive, irresponsible, and wasteful government spending and growth. As it stands today, our country’s national debt will double over the next ten years, and inflation will cause the value of | Read More »

    I Believe in our Veterans

    On December 7th, 1941 the United States was attacked by the Empire of Japan.  That unprovoked attack led the United States into the most globally encompassing conflict humanity has ever experienced, World War II.  The sacrifices our soldiers made, on and off the battlefield allowed our nation to remain free, and planted the seeds of freedom in cultures all over the world. On December 7th, 2009 | Read More »

    I Believe in Family

    Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to take a break from the busy world we live in and refocus on one of life’s most important priorities, family.  This year I was blessed to spend this past Wednesday morning bringing in the duck season with my youngest son, Parker.  Any parent who has woken up to go hunting before dawn with their child and seen the excitement | Read More »

    James Carville Upset Over Something Called ‘Heath Insurance’

    The NRCC The GOP has come up with a great way for activists who do not trust the NRCC to get involved in defeating Democrats. [Editor’s Note: A friend at the NRCC highlighted this and so I thought the NRCC put it together. I’m told that, per the disclaimer on the website, this is a project of the various victory funds for the 24 races | Read More »

    Reviewing the October fundraising numbers.

    As promised. Short version: DNC beat RNC, NRSC edged DSCC, DCCC edged NRCC, and cash on hand would worry me more if the GOP hadn’t just removed the NJ & VA governorships from the Democrats and essentially handed NY-23 as part of a unfortunate but necessary life lesson to the GOP leadership. RNC 9.06 11.29 0.00 DNC 11.58 12.96 4.40 NRSC 4.00 5.80 0.00 DSCC | Read More »