Put up or shut up

    So are you as hacked off as I am about the NRSC’s Crist endorsement? Putting it directly, you don’t have any room to complain unless you are willing to open your wallet for Marco Rubio. Even $10.00. Here’s the deal: the NRSC is probably not going to spend a penny on Crist in the primary. Their endorsement, I think, has much more to do with | Read More »

    Open Letter to the NRSC

    Hi NRSC, I thought I would give this “open internet letter” thing a try.  I didn’t want to send you an actual letter because then you might flood my physical mailbox with an endless stream of fundraising requests (I kid, I kid). I know Erick here has been rather vocal about his feelings of late.  He is passionate about this whole getting conservatives elected thing | Read More »

    If the Florida GOP Can Do It, So Can the NRSC

    The Florida Republican Party’s Chairman is announcing that the Florida GOP will now be neutral in the race between Charlie Crist and Marco Rubio. Greer wrote: As it relates to the Senatorial primary, the State party is neutral, no resources have been provided to one candidate over another and although I will personally support Governor Crist, I have great respect for former Speaker Rubio and | Read More »

    Reviewing the April fundraising numbers.

    Short version: the DNC kept quiet about its fundraising for a reason; the NRSC & DSCC remain tied in their ability to bring in cash; the DCCC is underperforming; and that debt problem is still looming for the Democrats. Raised CoH Debts RNC 5.76 24.38 0.00 DNC 4.52 9.09 5.42 NRSC 2.93 2.65 0.00 DSCC 3.13 2.63 4.58 NRCC 2.23 3.69 5.00 DCCC 3.05 4.03 | Read More »

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    Charlie Crist Raises Taxes & Now Says He’d Vote for Stimulus — Just Like Specter

    Bumped for the Hot Seat Poll. Charlie Crist, Florida’s Governor and the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s chosen candidate for the Senate, has decided to endorse last week signed the Americans for Tax Reform’s “no tax” pledge. This week, Crist will approve the Florida legislature’s new budget, balanced by raising taxes. If that weren’t bad enough, speaking in South Florida, Charlie Crist said he would have | Read More »

    ‘Watchmen on the wall of world freedom.’

    A quote from Kennedy’s last, undelivered speech – and one quoted by Florida Senatorial candidate Marco Rubio as part of his farewell speech to the Florida legislature. Via And So it Goes in Shreveport. No transcript yet, sorry. I’ve been personally staying out of the entire Crist/Rubio NRSC endorsement brouhaha, mostly because we’re going to have Senatorial candidates that are going to need the NRSC’s | Read More »

    The Problem with the NRSC’s Crist Endorsement

    Let’s dive right into this story. Here is the list of donors to the NRSC. I encourage you to go through the list. If you see people you know, tell them how the NRSC wants their money, then wants them to shut up. The NRSC’s endorsement of Charlie Crist is a repudiation of the base of the GOP. It is a tacit admission that the | Read More »

    Why Should We Trust Their Judgment?

    Above is a screen shot of the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s website. They want you to give them money to fight “former Republican” Arlen Specter. But up until he switched two weeks ago, the NRSC supported Arlen Specter. At least Arlen was an incumbent Republican at the time. But given all of that, why the heck should we trust their judgment on Charlie Crist?


    Charlie Crist is the diversity candidate? NRSC FAIL

    I’m reminded of a quote from the media a couple of months ago that conservatives could not support Charlie Crist in Florida because of his support for diversity initiatives. The reporter failed to them point out that these white Christian conservatives were supporting the Latino candidate. What reminded me was this quote Tom Slade, a former chairman of the Florida GOP, said popularity always trumps | Read More »

    Not one dime to the NRSC

    If you have Facebook, I encourage you to join the group. You know, I can slightly understand the NRSC getting into the Chaffee race, though it was a stupid waste and mismanagement of funds. I can kind of understand them getting behind Specter. Both he and Chaffee were incumbents. But getting behind Crist in the Florida primary is wholly unacceptable for all the reasons and | Read More »

    Why the NRSC and PAGOP Should Not Waste Time With Gerlach

    Rumors abound that the Pennsylvania GOP and/or the NRSC are flirting with both Jim Gerlach and Tom Ridge. We know Tom Ridge cannot win in Pennsylvania again in a Republican Primary because of the changed dynamics and demographics from the last time he ran. But what of Jim Gerlach? The PAGOP and NRSC are flirting with him because Gerlach regularly wins re-election as a Republican | Read More »

    Joe Sestak not making way for Arlen Specter?

    He didn’t sound like he was going to Thursday… And he’s certainly not sounding like it Friday…

    Is the NRSC Maneuvering to Push Tom Ridge?

    Will the NRSC staff push former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge to get into the Pennsylvania primary against Pat Toomey? It would not surprise me to learn that they are leaning that way, convinced that Pat Toomey cannot win, but someone a close friend of George W. Bush and a pro-abort candidate can win. People seem to forget that Pat Toomey, while in Congress, regularly won | Read More »

    Reviewing the March 2009 fundraising numbers.

    OK, it looks like all the numbers are in. Executive summary: the DNC needs the President to survive, the NRSC is continuing to hold steady, and while the NRCC is probably thankful that the DCCC is debt-ridden, it needs to get on the stick. Raised CoH Debt RNC 6.7 23.9 0 DNC 7.57 9.7 6.9 NRSC 4.94 2.7 1 DSCC 5 7.2 10.8 NRCC 5.3 | Read More »

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    GOP shoots off foot yet again

    Looks like the GOP establishment is doing it again. Unbelievable. NRSC Set To Back Specter