The NRSC goes after… the President.

    Mind you, this is all perfectly accurate (Via Ace): …but a bit unexpected to have happen quite this early. Admittedly, the President hasn’t been having the best of months, but this is something that normally takes place after, say, disastrous midterms for the party in power. I think that the answer is in the format: Ed Morrissey notes, this is a web-only ad*. It may | Read More »

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    February Fundraising numbers are in.

    Very shortly: it’s good news for the GOP, with the partial exception of the NRCC. RNC/DNC, February (Via Hot Air) The RNC raised 5.10 million, has 24 million cash-on-hand, and no debt. The DNC raised 3.26 million, has 8.6 million cash-on-hand, and has 6.9 million in debt. NRSC/DSCC, February The RSCC raised 2.87 million, has 1.05 million cash-on-hand, and has 2.7 million in debt (drawn | Read More »

    A special St. Patrick’s Day message for Dodd, from the NRSC.

    It takes a lot for me to admit to the existence of St. Patrick’s Day; like virtually everybody else who can legitimately claim full-blooded Irish descent (15/16ths, in my case), I despise this holiday. Drunken non-Celtic buffoons with bad accents vomiting all over the place doesn’t appeal*. So, it requires something special to get me to even acknowledge the iconography. This’ll do:

    And so the 2010 fundraising cycle begins.

    Via Andrew Malcolm we see that Obama’s first Presidential fundraiser is scheduled for March 25th, for the DNC. Currently, the Democrats are trying to lower expectations, which… doesn’t mean much of anything, really. They did a lot of that last year to heighten their eventual totals, and it worked out pretty well for them.

    Call Senator Cornyn

    Conservatives need to call Senator John Cornyn and let him know that the National Republican Senatorial Committee will not get a dime from us if the senate allows this pork bill to pass. It is a disgrace that Republicans donate money to our party and it is used to support liberal incumbents like Snowe and Specter that don’t give a flip about their party or the future of | Read More »

    Majority Strategies/Next Wave Communications — An Update

    This post is past due, I’m afraid. I committed to write it about three weeks ago and kept getting distracted. Last month I pointed out problems with Majority Strategies/Next Wave Communications. Specifically, I pointed out that Majority Strategies screwed up the absentee ballot mailer in Saxby Chambliss’s runoff, as they had in Ohio. Likewise, I pointed out the various conflicts of interest between the organization | Read More »

    Call Senator John Cornyn and Ask Him This Question

    According to Congressional Quarterly, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, the new chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, is staking out a sharply partisan approach to the task of rescuing his party from the steep losses it suffered in the last two election cycles. Cornyn, who once shared former President George W. Bush’s hard-edged political consultant Karl Rove, has already gone after some of President | Read More »

    Why is Sam Van Voorhis Calling My Church?

    Yesterday, I wrote about Sam Van Voorhis. He is the independent expenditure guy for the NRSC. People tell me, including people at the NRSC, that Van Voorhis has, in his position as independent expenditure director, directed money to Majority Strategies a/k/a NextWave Communications. Sam happens to run that shop. You can read about it here. Today, my preacher calls. Or, I guess I should say | Read More »

    More on Majority Strategies/NextWave Communications

    From a friend in Ohio: Brett is a bad man and should be in prison. He moved with his fundraiser wife to Florida, largely to run this business and avoid a lot of the new business taxes that he authored while serving as Chief of Staff for corrupt former speaker of the Ohio House Larry Householder. (He wrote a fascinating 109 page memo- which was | Read More »

    Majority Strategies/NextWave Communications: Time to Pack It In

    This post has been updated. Please go here for the update and correction. ————————– Sigh. I hate writing these posts. But it is necessary. Patrick Ruffini and I have both written about the need to purge the party of the “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back” consultant regime that gets us into so many problems. Truth be told, I wrote this post on | Read More »

    Congrats Senator Cornyn, Now Be Careful Who You Pick

    Dear Senator Cornyn, Congratulations. You are now de facto NRSC Chairman. I trust you will do a competent job. I’m very concerned though, sir. Members of the House and Senate, when they get in leadership positions, sometimes surround themselves with people who want to be there for the resume line, not the cause. Your cause, sir, is to pick up seats in 2010. That will | Read More »

    Norm Coleman Drops Out of NRSC Race

    Roll Call reports that Norm Coleman has informed John Cornyn that he is no longer a candidate to head the National Republican Senate Committee in the next Congress: Sen. Norm Coleman (Minn.) called Sen. John Cornyn (Texas) Thursday afternoon and told him he was dropping out of the race for National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman to focus on the recount in his 206-vote win over | Read More »

    Help Chambliss

    Despite having run a bad campaign, underestimating the enemy, surrounding himself with inept campaign staff and raising no money and having no fund raising list to raise money from, Senator Chambliss is still in the game, with a good shot at retaining his Senate seat.. But the wall of money about to descend on GA is going to be unbelievable. Jim Martin, [Edited Out by | Read More »

    The NRSC Goes After Three

    Georgia: Minnesota: New Hampshire:

    Orrin’s Army

    Orrin Hatch is fighting mad. He is fired up. I spoke with him late yesterday afternoon. He’s been out on the campaign trail explaining to people what would happen if the Democrats got to sixty votes in the Senate. And he is throwing punches. He’d also kill me if I did not plug the NRSC’s website: Go there and be a part of what | Read More »