Why America Deserves A Nuclear Attack

    Investor’s Business Daily had an article called Duck and Cover: Obama Style (December 17, 2010) on the present administration’s attitudes on a nuclear strike against America. The article compares this present, and new, attitude – which quietly sneers at people who want to make our risk zero by pre-empting terrorist states with nuclear weapons – with the Left’s previous attitude toward the survivability of a | Read More »

    I no longer believe the Obama Administration is just plain stupid

    I’ve come to understand and believe that this administration is just plain dangerous and has nothing but bad intentions for our Republic. There is no way in hell that ANYONE can claim this is a good idea! My G-d it couldn’t be more ridiculous, it makes no logical sense and it actually increases the danger of atomic terrorism in the near future! What possible reason | Read More »

    South Africa — Four Men Arrested Trying To Sell Nuclear Device.

    Thanks to Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit for being on point. I’m already on a razor’s edge.  This lovely little ditty just makes it all much more gooder. http://gatewaypundit.firstthings.com/2010/07/four-men-arrested-in-south-africa-for-attempting-to-sell-nuclear-device Four men were arrested in South Africa for attempting to sell a nuclear device to undercover officers. South African police say they have arrested four men in the capital, Pretoria, for attempting to sell what they | Read More »