A Simple Choice

    McCain is going to freeze spending, keep taxes low, confront the threat of global warming, and make America energy independent. On the other hand, Obama plans to raise capital gains taxes. We are not likely to have much in capital gains because of the economic crisis caused by liberals Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, as well as Obama’s financial advisors and campaign contributors that ran | Read More »

    I need a hand – And I knew where to come ;-)

    On Fox recently Tom Ridge or Gingrich or one of those guys said, as he was comparing Barry and Gov. Palin’s resume’s, that among other things of course that she was the CIC of a “nuclear” Alaskan National Guard. Now I have seen this, and see the missile defense system link, but is there indeed a connection? Does Sarah Palin have responsibility as the CIC | Read More »

    Benjamin Netanyahu calls for Israeli Elections

    Serious Mayhem: A Conservative Policy Arena After learning only yesterday that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will be resigning his leadership post, today we learn that the top opposition leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, is calling for new elections. Olmert is under intense scrutiny and facing charges of corrupton. This growing storm has finally taken its toll and forced him not to seek his Kadima party’s nomination. | Read More »

    Missing the whole message

    It seems to me that part of the message is getting lost. The Republican part is getting effectively portrayed as believing that drilling and oil exploration is the only action to undertake. This is only possible because in the rush to embrace the correct position of dramatically increased domestic production capacity, we forgot to address a key point. A very large majority of this country | Read More »

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