One Race to Win

    The people of NY-20 have an easy choice in front of them. Vote for a dedicated American who has literally put his life on the line for his country, or vote for a politician whose self-interest is his top priority.

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    2010 GOP Hopefuls: Chris Gibson

    In 2006, the Democratic tidal wave took over a traditionally Republican district in upstate New York. Republican Congressman John Sweeney, a known alcoholic and later confirmed spousal abuser, lost his bid for reelection to “blue dog Democrat” Kirstin Gillibrand. She then served exactly as expected – as a more conservative Democrat, for 2 years. She received the NRA endorsement in 2008 and easily won reelection. | Read More »

    2010 GOP Hopefuls: Marcus Molinaro

    Marcus J. Molinaro started his third term in the New York State Assembly from the 103rd Assembly District this year. Molinaro has been active in Republican politics since he was 18 years old, first running for Tivoli Villiage Board of Trustees in 1994. In 1995, Molinaro became the youngest Mayor in United States. He was reelected five times. As Mayor, he cut property taxes while | Read More »

    2010 Suggestions to Draft – John Faso

    For New York’s 20th District, a solid candidate is needed to recapture this formally Republican seat. In 2009 during the special election, the GOP selected the now former Assembly Minority Leader. I’m suggesting a different former Assembly Minority Leader – John Faso. Faso served in the NYS Assembly from 1987 until 2002, serving as Minority leader, serving from 1998 to 2002. In 1994, he considered | Read More »

    Tedesco concedes NY-20

    Wow!  It seemed from the beginning when Kirsten Gillibrand agreed to take the open Senate seat that Hillary Clinton vacated due to her “appointment” to the cabinet position of Secretary of State for the Obama administraion that the Congressional seat that Gillibrand was vacating was ours to take. Jim Tedesco, one of the best known names in New York politics as an Assemblyman since 1982 | Read More »

    NY-20: Don’t forget the military. The state board of election did

    It looks like Jim Tedisco may have pulled off the victory in NY-20 after all. And there is good reason to think that the remaining absentee ballots should favor Tedisco. That said, there was a serious problem. The state Board of Elections seesm to have deliberately disinfranchised military voters. Heritage’s Hans von Spakovsky describes how the Democrats on the Board of Election actually voted to | Read More »

    Appeals to the grassroots: NY-20, IL-05.

    NY-20: The recount for this race – which is actually at plus 25 right now, not plus 57 – is going to be expensive.  There’s a new pledge drive up to pay for that recount, in the same style as the one that gathered over 120K for Jim Tedisco: I encourage people to help out there, or where they can.  It’s already at 9K (the | Read More »

    Recap of the NY-20 race.

    Scott Murphy (D) is ahead by 65 votes.  Nobody’s calling this race just yet. There are somewhere between six and ten thousand absentee ballots that need to be counted. They’re not being counted tonight.  They’re not being counted for another week. (Via AoSHQ)  You see, we do, in fact, actually learn from our mistakes. The deadline for overseas absentee ballots is actually April 13th. All | Read More »

    NY-20 Open Thread.

    610/610: +65 Murphy, and the election will now not be over for another two weeks. The deadline for absentee ballots is April 13th, and if you think that either candidate is not going to insist on every second of that time… HAH! 609/610: 81 vote difference. Heck, this may go to a runoff. 607/610: Murphy takes lead with 200 votes; it’s going to the absentee | Read More »


    The NY-20 special election is tomorrow.

    And it will be close. I’m thinking that it’s a squeaker for Tedisco, unless of course this particular ad: …clarifies matters for NY-20. Also: it’d be nice if Tedisco broke 120K online, huh? contribute: Crossposted to Moe Lane.

    NY-20 update: an endorsement and a removal.

    The New York Post has announced for Tedisco, citing his experience over Scott Murphy, Tedisco’s better ideological fit to this district, Tedisco’s record of fiscal restraint, and – interestingly – Murphy’s refusal to support the death penalty for even 9/11 terrorists. And in other news, the Libertarian candidate has been disqualified for the second election cycle running from being on the ballot. Problems with the | Read More »

    At 1:30 p.m. EDT today, chat live with Jim Tedisco at RedState

    Live Chat with Jim Tedisco

    There’s a week to go until NY-20.

    They had a debate last night, where Tedisco hit Murphy over the ‘stimulus’ bill that the former opposes and the latter supports. Congressional Democrats are hungry for this race, no matter that Obama/DNC (I repeat myself) don’t want to get involved. contribute: We’re making the Democratic Party spend money on a race that their own ideology says that they should be winning handily, and they’re | Read More »

    Poughkeepsie Journal endorses Jim Tedisco (R Cand, NY-20) for Congress.

    The Poughkeepsie Journal – which endorsed Obama for President – has endorsed Jim Tedisco for next week’s special election: The 20th Congressional District seat – which includes much of northern Dutchess County – has been without a representative for about two months now. In many ways, this could not have come at a worse time. With the economy teetering, Congress has been moving at a | Read More »

    Scott Murphy (D Cand, NY-20): ‘One of them.’

    Jim Tedisco reminds us that Murphy may have an inclination towards giving bonuses to companies losing money… …although that may not be an entirely fair comparison. After all, back then Murphy’s bonus scheme didn’t involve your money. I wonder if he’s still for passing that miscalled “stimulus” bill – Tedisco is on the record as opposing it, mind you – and I wonder if Murphy | Read More »