BREAKING! Scozzafava quits race!

    Well, well, well… it just got interesting! The right thing has finally occured. Scozzafava has read the tea leaves (finally!) and dropped out. This should have happened last week and I wonder if she waited to the very last moment to finally make the announcement. Anywhoo, with her support base having completely collapsed (other than Newt – still weird), this was the right decision. | Read More »

    Note to Mike Huckabee

    Mike Huckabee is dancing around New York 23 and looks extremely silly. He won’t endorse in the race. It is very conspicuous.I know, in fact, that he will not endorse because Club for Growth and Fred Thompson were there first and his ego couldn’t take it. Sarah Huckabee dismissed the idea that Mike Huckabee had decided to stay out of the race because of any | Read More »

    NY-23 Smackdown

    John Gizzi gets top billing today at Human Events and is covering NY-23. “The mayor of Plattsburgh just endorsed us and ten more [Republican town] committee members came out for Doug.  And ten more congressman endorsed him today.  We’re on a roll!  The debate’s starting — gotta go.”  That was my conversation yesterday with Rob Ryan, spokesman for Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman in New | Read More »

    For the Good of the Party

    In the 2006 New York State gubernatorial election – an interesting thing happened. Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld was running against former New York State Assembly Minority Leader John Faso for the Republican nomination. Weld had his own ballot line separate from the GOP (Libertarian). He had a Lieutenant Governor nominee lined up. He was a former Governor and had all the experience necessary to | Read More »

    Bill Owens: Move Health Care “As Rapidly As Possible”

    Democrat Bill Owens wants to succeed former Congressman John McHugh in New York’s 23rd congressional district. McHugh was a faithful representative of the center-right views of his district; in contrast, Owens is doing his best to earn the support of the extreme Left of the Democrat party. For example, here’s Owens during his opening statement in last night’s candidate debate: owens-healthcare-reform Congress needs to overhaul | Read More »

    This is an Owens-Hoffman Race Now

    Allah Pundit notes a new poll by Research 2000 on behalf of the DailyKos. The race has Owens at 33 and Hoffman at 32. Scozzafava is all the way back at 21%. Wow.Gov. Rick Perry and Congressman Trent Franks endorsed Hoffman today. Also, country music sensation John Rich is headed up to NY-23 from Nashville to help turn out the vote for Hoffman.With a race | Read More »

    Doug Hoffman: a no-brainer

    I have been known to get into a few friendly arguments about the best political strategy for advancing conservatism.  Heck, I have even been called a squish since I don’t believe you ever win by losing elections.  I have long believed in a pragmatic approach to elections that often involves supporting moderates; center-right beats left has always been my motto. The difficulty comes in accessing | Read More »

    National Conservative Campaign Fund Rallies Prominent Conservatives to Hoffman

    15 prominent conservative leaders are out today joining RedState in making NY-23’s race between Doug Hoffman and the two leftists running against him a hill to die on for the conservative movement.Everyone from Ed Meese to Al Regnery to Tom Winter and Tony Perkins signed a letter from the National Conservative Campaign Fund (PDF) urging conservatives to rally to Hoffman over Scozzafava.You might not know | Read More »

    NY-23: The Poll That Matters Most

    If you are a Republican strategist, Party leader or candidate for election in 2010, looking at the multitude of current polls is probably giving you lots of reasons to feel good. Republicans are generally leading or at least heavily competitive in generic Congressional ballots. That hasn’t happened in several years. For the first time in a long time, polls show that Republicans are trusted by | Read More »

    What of Pataki, D’Amato, and Guiliani?

    George Pataki and Al D’Amato in particular, but both and Rudy too were helped by New York’s Conservative Party.George Pataki would not have been elected Governor the first time without the Conservative Party’s assistance.They are not just local names. All three have national names. They are connected to the Republican Party and, to a degree, they are connected to the fall of the Republicans in | Read More »

    Who Wants To Help the NRCC Phone Bank for NY-23?

    Of course they want you to help Dede Scozzafava, but this could be fun.I guess I accidentally got put on the mail list:Subject: NY23 Phone BanksDate: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 11:40:26 -0400From: [email protected]: [email protected] We want to reward your hard work! The top volunteer (most hours logged at the phone banks) for the month of October will receive a reward from NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions | Read More »

    There are two kinds of Republicans

    As most of us watch the special election in New York, we still have a Senate primary in California to deal with. It’s the same old story, though. There are two kinds of Republicans. One kind celebrates big government and progressive control over America. Carly Fiorina, like Dede Scozzafava, is one of those: While some of us are fighting hard against the Obama push to | Read More »

    Scozzafava Campaign Goes After Me. Subtly.

    Well, I guess I am having some sort of impact. If I wanted validation, I guess I have it from the Scozzafava campaign. Humorously, the interview is with the Los Angeles Times.See here: “Her positions on a lot of issues are reflective* of the electorate here,” said Matt Burns, a Scozzafava spokesman. “If the idea is that every Republican that runs for office needs [to | Read More »

    REDSTATE EXCLUSIVE: Jim DeMint on Why He Supports Doug Hoffman for Congress

    Senator Jim DeMint just sent me the statement below on his support for Doug Hoffman. As one of the real leaders of the conservative movement in this country, DeMint speaks for many of us. I’m delighted he is, as he consistently does, putting principle over party in this case.Senator DeMint says: “Too often, we’re told that Republicans have to be like Democrats to be competitive | Read More »

    Tom Cole Goes With Hoffman

    I leveled withering criticism at Tom Cole two years ago for what I thought were some seriously wrong decisions while chairing the NRCC, but I may have to take it all back.He just endorsed Doug Hoffman.Yeah, you read that right — Rep. Tom Cole, the former head of the National Republican Congressional Committee, just endorsed Hoffman over the establishment GOP’s pick.Well done, sir. Now I | Read More »