Hoffman’s Opportunity

    Doug Hoffman has the opportunity to do something amazing in far upstate New York. He has the chance to become the first member of the Conservative Party of New York elected to the House of Representatives. He would be the second person from that party elected to Congress, following James Buckley’s election in 1970. He has the chance to lead the charge for conservatives large | Read More »

    What a Real Leader Looks Like

    A real leader looks like Mike Pence. While John Boehner and Eric Cantor have rushed to line up with ACORN and support a Republican candidate in NY-23 who is to the left of her Democrat opponent, Congressman Mike Pence, the Chairman of the Republican Conference, refuses despite pressure to join Cantor and Boehner.Pence refuses to take shots at his own side, but is also refusing | Read More »

    Jeb Hensarling Becomes a Party Man

    Former Chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee Mike Pence is not giving Dede Scozzafava money and is not endorsing her. He refuses to side with an ACORN supported leftist.Contrast that with the most recent former Chairman of the RSC, Jeb Hensarling, a man I have long admired and the first member of Congress I ever donated to. Congressman Hensarling is throwing his principles out | Read More »

    Scozzafava v. Hoffman

    The National Republican Congressional Committee feels so threatened by Republican Doug Hoffman’s campaign, which the NRCC says is going no where, that they have taken to running attack ads against Hoffman. Their accusation? Hoffman is not as conservative as he says he is.Really?Okay. For sake of argument, let’s say Hoffman is not as conservative as he claims. That still puts him to the right of | Read More »

    Politics and principle in upstate New York

    This is your must read of the day. When we did not endorse the Republican candidate, we caused some hand-wringing among Washington and New York’s Republican political establishments.I’m proud to defend our endorsed candidate, Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman, and I can do so without having to make any excuses for his positions on key economic growth issues. I would ask the Republican congressional leadership if | Read More »

    I Need Your Support

    A Note From Erick: I’ve written about this before and I must reiterate it. Conservatives must stand together to support Doug over the ACORN backed Dede Scozzafava. It is galling to me that John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Pete Sessions, and the House Republican Leadership would fall in line behind a Democrat just because she has an “R” next to her name. Better the Democrat who | Read More »

    Hoffman collects two big Conservative endorsements in NY-23

    Former Republican Presidential Candidate (and my personal pick for the job, if we’re to be completely honest about it), Fred Thompson sent out a letter to supporters of his political action committee, urging support of NY-23 Congressional Candidate Doug Hoffman. In that letter, Thompson refers to Hoffman as the “True Conservative” in the race for NY-23 — an assessment with which, given the record of | Read More »

    Ny-23: Liberal Republican In, Conservative Dem out.

    Well, Liberal Republican Dede Scozzafava ( she may be better than McHugh, she opposes Cap-and-Tax) got the GOP Nomination last night. Also, today, Conservative Democrat, Darrell Aubertine, whom Red State was ready to endorse, has decided not to run. So, now we are gonna be stuck with a Center-Left Republican or a Center-Left Dem. Who do I think you should support? The Republican. Isn’t it | Read More »

    Final Push for Conservatism in NY-23: Josh Lynch makes the case that a young Conservative can win in Upstate New York

    Promoted from the diaries by EPU The Confirmation of Representative John McHugh as Obama’s Secretary of the Army is still yet to occur, but NY-23 Republicans and Democrats are preparing for the inevitable race for his seat in Congress.  And amidst talks that the District 23 Republicans may push off making their nominations, The Jefferson County GOP has made their selection known, and a final tally | Read More »

    What a Republican Suicide Looks Like [updated]

    There are two candidates in NY-23 worth focusing on (there are actually several Republicans vying for a party nomination to run against one Democrat).One candidate is pro-life, supports traditional marriage, and is pretty fiscally responsible.The other is pro-abortion, supports gay marriage, and is pretty fiscally reckless.You’d think the first candidate is the Republican and the second is the Democrat. You would be wrong.In New York’s | Read More »

    Can Republicans Redeem Themselves in New York?

    Promoted from the diaries by Leon Wolf.  Josh is a former co-worker of mine and he is good people.  The NY-23 primary is today.  If you live in the district or the area, please consider this post. Currently, New York, the third largest state in the union, counts only three federal officials with an R at the end their name: King, Lee, and McHugh. So | Read More »

    In NY-23, Is Dede Scozzafava the Best We Can Do?

    If Dede Scozzafava is the best the New York Republicans can come up with, let’s just hand the district over to the Democrats.Let’s ignore that she is a liberal. Let’s ignore that she’s in favor of abortion rights. Let’s ignore that she is a big proponent of the gay rights agenda. Let’s ignore that she’s not really a fiscal conservative.Let’s ignore her political record, in | Read More »

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