McCain vs the press. Who decides narrative?

    First, a disclaimer. I’m a Dem from a swing suburb of Denver. Why do I read RS? Same reason that I watch Nat Geo shows about cannibals, I guess. You can, of course, discount this diary, but it struck me that you’re indulging in some group fantasy. I wonder if you can square the idea of “the press being biased on their message” and “we | Read More »

    N.Y. Times Covers Obama Ayers Connection

    Needless to say, this was surprise. I doubt not this was pursued with journalistic integrity. It is most likely a sign that The Times feels that they need to cover it. Perhaps, they know that this connection is going to be widely exposed by conservative groups and that it will create a stir. Ceding the issue to conservatives allows them to define and control the | Read More »

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