Obama’s New American Dream Of Islamic Appeasement

    Do you remember where you were the day that America’s Dream was assaulted, stripped bare, and left to endure a slow and lingering death?  That day began on June 4th, 2009, when President Obama traveled to Cairo, Egypt and bowed his head to the Muslim World in a speech. He let the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic extremists, know that they had a fellow traveler | Read More »

    Obama Appeasement Equals Weakness…

    This article shows that with all of Obama Appeasement Equals Weakness. Please bare in mind that this article is against Israel and I am Pro Israeli and support Israel in all that they do to protect there great Nation. Israel is one of Americas greatest Allies. I posted this article to show you how the world views Obama’s weak Foreign Policy. https://www.americanpatriotsprevail.com/Obama_Appeasement_Equals.html Louis Escobedo Reject Tyranny and Defend Liberty!