Obama’s Legacy – One Thing

    In the 1991 film “City Slickers,” hard-as-nails trail boss Curly Washburn (Jack Palance)  shared with rookie cowpoke Mitch Robbins (Billy Crystal) that a person’s life comes down to just “one thing.”  For those who seek the limelight and benefits of elected public service, one thing is all that many will be known for – good or bad.  George Washington, who certainly accomplished a lot in | Read More »

    “Obama, Why Do You Need My Healthcare?”

    America’s founding fathers wrote about the danger of government having the power to permit something because that power also gives government the right to deny it.  In the Constitution, individual liberties are identified and declared not to be permitted by government, but instead they are bestowed upon everyone at birth by a Higher Power.  Whether you call that power God, Nature or anything else, individual | Read More »

    How Chicago Plays Ball

    In Chicago they play “Chicago Ball.”  This is a form of soft ball that is as location specific to the Chicago area as Hoover Ball is to West Branch, Iowa.  In this game a sixteen inch softball that is as hard as a baseball is used with no gloves.  If at least one or two fingers aren’t broke in each game it must have been | Read More »

    Solyndra Obama’s Enron

    Remember Enron?  When this huge company went belly up because of mismanagement, misrepresentation and criminal intent the Bush administration was put through years of screaming headlines, congressional investigations and dubious investigative specials on the wall-to-wall talking heads of the cable news channels.  In the end there was no connection found between the Bush administration and the leaders at Enron who broke the law. Today unlike | Read More »