Reap the Whirlwind

    In 1219 the Shah of the Islamic Khwarezmid Empire (present day Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan), Ala ad-Din Muhammad had the ambassadors of Genghis Khan killed.  This affront to diplomatic convention led to a devastating invasion and the total destruction of the Khwarezmid Empire. No-one would advocate the slash and burn/take no prisoner response of the Mongols in the thirteenth century.  However, to allow the first | Read More »

    The End of the Orange Revolution?

    As the world outside of Barack Obama’s self-absorbed bubble turns: Polls show former communist apparatchik Viktor Yanukovych holding a slim lead over Yulia Tymoshenko in the Ukraine presidential election. Yankukovych is a bad guy, like he could be cast as a villain in a James Bond movie type of bad guy. The former convict, thug and accused rapist is the Kremlin’s lapdog and has no | Read More »