So you thought $4.00 was a lot for a gallon of gas??

    Just wait. Just wait a little while. It’s axiomatic for conservatives, and other people with common sense, that if you want less of an activity, you tax it. If you want more, reduce the tax. Governor Jindal said that recently, but I’m sure he wasn’t the first. The oil and gas industry is tax advantaged. Historically, the government saw a benefit in encouraging drilling; tax | Read More »

    Come Fight the Left!

    As I commented in a blog yesterday, the leftist reaction to Dr. Jerome Corsi’s The Obama Nation has been absolutely hysterical. Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it. Over at amazon, where I myself posted a review and have posted reviews with regularity for practically five years, I sat and watched them tattoo the author with over 300 negative 1 Star entries in the course | Read More »