How About a Little Historical Perspective?

    Let me begin by saying that I was as devastated by election night as most of you were.  So this post is not an attempt to sugarcoat what happened.  My goal is to put the election in a historical context and point our way ahead. The 2012 election was simply a repeat of the 1936 election.  In 1936, in the midst of the Great Depression, | Read More »

    Where I Went Wrong

    In a series of articles leading up to Election Day, I analyzed the presidential and Senate races state-by-state. It concluded with a predicted Romney win with somewhere in the neighborhood of 280 electoral votes. For the Presidential vote, I use a system I devised based upon recent and historical trends in each state, properly weighted, polling data (again weighted), and other criteria then run that | Read More »

    Why Romney lost and Obama won

    Several months ago I said there were 3 key group that Romney needed to pander to if he was to win the election.  I was dead right, and this is why Romney lost. 1.  First are hispanics.  Romney got a significantly lower percentage of the hispanic vote than McCain and Bush recieved.  Why?  As I said months ago, Romney needed to reach out to hispanic | Read More »

    Serious Question: Why shouldn’t we go off the fiscal cliff?

    I know this sounds like apostasy, but as someone who was dubious about all the happy talk coming from Conservatism, Inc. over the past couple months, I feel like we should look at this. I know the Bush tax cuts are important, but what about the spending cuts as well?  Obama will never extend the Bush tax cuts now anyway, so why go down that | Read More »

    Election Day 2012: The Aftermath

    (Originally posted on my personal blog - I woke up this morning to find that last night’s results remained the same.  Well actually, that’s not true – this morning it was worse.  President Obama increased his lead in the popular vote, proving that at least 60 million of our countrymen are incapable of discernment, considering him to be worthy of another four years of leadership. | Read More »

    Class Warfare Won

    Class warfare proved to be the winner in this election cycle as it was a key component of Obama’s policies and re-election rhetoric. The components of such a tactic were easily recognized: 1) the political opponent (Romney) will hurt those among us who are most vulnerable (elderly, poor, etc); 2) the political opponent (Romney) does not care about the “middle class”; 3) the political opponent | Read More »

    So Romney is the only guy who can beat BHO?

    For all those who claimed a moderate was the way to go and Romney was the ONLY candidate in the field who could beat Obama I will now entertain your excuses for why the only guy who could beat Jimmy Carter Jr. failed to do so…………….


    “The man who promises everything is sure to fulfill nothing…” Carl Jung One of the great wonders of the ancient world still exists for us to marvel at. Its construction was beyond compare for its times. It was built to entertain the ancient masses of Rome where more slaves existed than masters. It appears that Obama’s “get revenge” politics, as articulated by him in his | Read More »

    Today, Finally, Obama is on the Ballot. VOTE.

    Today is the day you’ve been waiting YEARS for. Obama is on the ballot. VOTE Remember how you felt when Mr Bipartisanship said “I won.” Today, Obama is on the ballot. VOTE. Recall the guy who said he was a deficit-cutter trying to spend his way out of debt. Today, Obama is on the ballot. VOTE. Remember the town halls expressing anger at Obamacare and | Read More »

    Polling Puts Romney Up in OH, even in PA

    Mystical polling genius Sate Nilver has obtained Romney campaign internal polling, signed a non-disclosure agreement, utilized a magical, mystical, sophisticated statistical analysis system (known to some colloquially as “Microsoft Excel”), and has uncovered that Romney is up in Ohio, and dead even in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Nilver immediately disclosed these findings to the media, particularly the Daily Mail because, claims Nilver, they are the paper | Read More »

    MaoBama’s Hatred Of All Things American Comes Home To Roost.

    I don’t want to sound trite… or maybe I do. It didn’t take me very long to realize that my ‘truth detector’ was going off the charts when it came to Barack Hussein Obama, starting as far back as Obama’s speech in front of the DeMarxist convention in 2004, when he was still a state senator in Illinois. He was immediately lauded as the ‘future’ | Read More »

    USA 2012 is not +11 D

    National and state polls continue to show the future ex-President with a slight lead in key areas. A few points up in OH, VA, WI, NH, and others pointing to Obama running away in PA, MI, and IA. Nationally he maintains a 2-3 point lead in most polls. Governor Romney has flipped the map, but not enough it would appear. Looks like we get four | Read More »

    For the Children

    How quickly the time goes! Here you are, all grown up and of voting age already. I set out to write a brief letter explaining why I believe Romney is a better choice for your future and a better choice for America. I realized immediately that to do that properly would require at least a book; and even at that it would be unlikely I could reverse the lifetime of propaganda and proselytizing most of you have been exposed to via the education system and popular culture.

    So I decided to focus on just one key economic concept that separates the thinking of our progressive Democratic President and his conservative Republican opponent.

    Read More »
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    An Open Letter to My Kids

    Tomorrow night I’m going to bed knowing I have done everything I can to save this country. I’ve made phone calls, walked in parades, contributed more than I could afford to conservative candidates, walked streets I never knew to try to convince people what was happening and how they needed to vote. Did I wake up late to the reality of liberalism? Yes. But I’m not going down quietly–without a fight. Grandpa was a proud Democrat when the Democrats had morals–before they made a far-left turn. He died a staunch Conservative and I will do the same.

    After Tuesday, I don’t know what the forecast will be for our liberty. I sincerely doubt America can withstand another four years of untethered liberalism. It is my fervent prayer that you wake to the reality before all your liberties are gone and that you begin to act every day to keep or regain them. That will mean beginning to read more, getting involved locally, and knowing for what and why you are voting (and reading my emails once in awhile)!

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    The Last Word on Dithering

    Early into his presidency, the Beltway buzzword describing Barack Obama’s protocol of protracted reaction was dithering. Dick Cheney went one better, terming it waffling as Obama’s dawdling response to the role of American troops in Afghanistan facing an emboldened enemy. In Obama’s Keystone XL Dithering, US News and World Report columnist Mort Zuckerman wrote of the economic cost of non-implementing a transformative link to American | Read More »