Falling Oil Prices: A good-news, bad-news story

    Despite what Speaker Pelosi is telling us, the prices of oil and gas are set by the law of supply and demand – not by a handful of U.S. oil “speculators” who trade futures (not physical crude) of a world commodity trading on a world market. We have been witness to that fundamental law as we watched crude prices soar under a rapidly-accelerating world demand | Read More »

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    Our new design

    In light of the Amy Sullivan article in Time magazine about the Obama as Anti-Christ meme, we thought we’d update our RedState Store with a new design.Those of you who get it, get it. Those who don’t should read the Left Behind series. And no, we don’t take this seriously, but we sure will have some fun with it. Buy it here.

    Obama: Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what your country can do for ME

    I’m Barack Obama.This election is not about you, the American people – it is about ME becoming the first black President in American history.This is not about my inexperience, my funny name, or that I look different that other pictures on dollar bills – it’s ME defeating the powerful Clinton Machine on MY way to making history.This is about ME getting my own picture on | Read More »


    Democrats hypocrisy

    The democrats love to tear apart president Bush,saying how dumb and incompetant he is. Hes stupid.Hes the worst president ever.Hes unqualified.So what do they do? Trot out an even more clueless candidate! AND force feed him to us through overzealous media ventures.They are trying to make up for inexperience with even greater inexperience.


    Obama sell-out to Europe fails, otherwise know as:

    Well, Obama returned from Europe, and the only ones who seemed to know he even went were the bobble-heads from ABC, NBC and CBS news programs. And even they needed to see it on their teleprompters before they believed it (and they were with Obama on the junket).

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    Obama sell-out to Europe fails, otherwise know as

    Well, Obama returned from Europe, and the only ones who seemed to know he even went were the bobble-heads from ABC, NBC and CBS news programs. And even they needed to see it on their teleprompters before they believed it.For any candidate, particularily a Democrat (ask John Kerry)to think that Americans care what Europeans think of us shows how out of touch they are with | Read More »

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    New Obama Clip Art

    Here are some new Obama clip art. For example:See more at TheProblemWithObamaEnjoy!


    Obama will flip flop on this too

    Senator Obama has said that he oposes reparations for slavery.

    George Will: Obama wins in a landslide

    I watched George Will this past Sunday on This Week. He seems to think that the polls we are seeing now are vastly underestimating Obama’s strength because he theorizes that Obama will bring out millions of new young voters and black voters that are not being accounted for in current turnout models that the pollsters are using. George Will thinks the race isn’t really close, | Read More »

    Obama, Levin, Brewer et al Enabling Kilpatrick with Silence

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at www.RightMichigan.com.What’s a Michigan Democrat have to do to be directly criticized by other Michigan Democrats, get thrown in jail?  Well, no.  Apparently even that isn’t enough for most of them to sever ties or condemn the Mayor of Detroit for any of his sundry adventures with criminality (allegedly).  And with every lukewarm statement about the importance of “letting the legal | Read More »

    So I’m watching the fireworks at Disney World

    I’m sitting watching the fireworks at Disney World when my son calls. He tells me that Obama just picked Hillary for VP. After a momentary shock, I realize I’m not surprised. I tell him that. I also tell him that it will probably be enough for Obama to win. To my credit I don’t immediately check Redstate. Instead I watch the rest of the show | Read More »

    Will the John Edwards scandal hurt Obama?

    The National Enquirer dropped the first bombshell in October, 2007, when Edwards was still a candidate for the Democrat Party’s presidential nomination:PRESIDENTIAL CHEATING SCANDAL! ALLEGED AFFAIR COULD WRECK JOHN EDWARDS’ CAMPAIGN BIDThe article described the “other woman” as someone who had previously worked on Edwards’ campaign and withheld the woman’s name. But if the story was to be believed, word of the affair got out | Read More »

    Its all about the Candidate Stupid!

    If the 2006 elections showed us anything its that we republicans had nothing but doom and gloom ahead in 08′. Surely Hillary, already the buzz at the time would come in and stomp a weak field of republican hopefulls. This election the election of 2008 was a give me for the Dems. Sometimes a 15 point congressinal ballot defecit was shown by polling for the | Read More »

    Ohio Democrats Attack McCain for Creating More Jobs

    The Ohio state Democratic party is attacking John McCain because his campaign manager once lobbied for DHL’s acquisition of Airborne Express, and now DHL plans to shut down its facility in Wilmington Ohio: In a private meeting Thursday, Wilmington residents will ask McCain for help in stopping DHL’s proposal to quit using the airport as a hub, which could cost more than 8,000 jobs. DHL | Read More »

    Best Obama BIO Website

    http://www.theobamafile.com/I think this is the best Obama bio website.3 months ago, I was going to sit out the presidentail race.When I read this site, it really opened my eyes.