George Will: Obama wins in a landslide

    I watched George Will this past Sunday on This Week. He seems to think that the polls we are seeing now are vastly underestimating Obama’s strength because he theorizes that Obama will bring out millions of new young voters and black voters that are not being accounted for in current turnout models that the pollsters are using. George Will thinks the race isn’t really close, | Read More »

    Obama, Levin, Brewer et al Enabling Kilpatrick with Silence

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at’s a Michigan Democrat have to do to be directly criticized by other Michigan Democrats, get thrown in jail?  Well, no.  Apparently even that isn’t enough for most of them to sever ties or condemn the Mayor of Detroit for any of his sundry adventures with criminality (allegedly).  And with every lukewarm statement about the importance of “letting the legal | Read More »

    So I’m watching the fireworks at Disney World

    I’m sitting watching the fireworks at Disney World when my son calls. He tells me that Obama just picked Hillary for VP. After a momentary shock, I realize I’m not surprised. I tell him that. I also tell him that it will probably be enough for Obama to win. To my credit I don’t immediately check Redstate. Instead I watch the rest of the show | Read More »

    Will the John Edwards scandal hurt Obama?

    The National Enquirer dropped the first bombshell in October, 2007, when Edwards was still a candidate for the Democrat Party’s presidential nomination:PRESIDENTIAL CHEATING SCANDAL! ALLEGED AFFAIR COULD WRECK JOHN EDWARDS’ CAMPAIGN BIDThe article described the “other woman” as someone who had previously worked on Edwards’ campaign and withheld the woman’s name. But if the story was to be believed, word of the affair got out | Read More »

    Its all about the Candidate Stupid!

    If the 2006 elections showed us anything its that we republicans had nothing but doom and gloom ahead in 08′. Surely Hillary, already the buzz at the time would come in and stomp a weak field of republican hopefulls. This election the election of 2008 was a give me for the Dems. Sometimes a 15 point congressinal ballot defecit was shown by polling for the | Read More »

    Ohio Democrats Attack McCain for Creating More Jobs

    The Ohio state Democratic party is attacking John McCain because his campaign manager once lobbied for DHL’s acquisition of Airborne Express, and now DHL plans to shut down its facility in Wilmington Ohio: In a private meeting Thursday, Wilmington residents will ask McCain for help in stopping DHL’s proposal to quit using the airport as a hub, which could cost more than 8,000 jobs. DHL | Read More »

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    Obama’s “Plan”

    Obama’s plan is to rob from the rich and give to the poor. In his tax plan he said he would raise taxes on those making 250,000 a year, then he changed that to 97,000 a year. He wants to roll back the Bush tax cuts which would increase taxes. You don’t want to raise taxes or create new spending when the economy is at | Read More »

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    Breaking: Obama Fundraiser headed to jail!

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at Kwame’s going to jail, huh?  How long, do you figure, before Barack Obama tells us that this is “not the Kwame Kilpatrick I know?”  From the sounds of these remarks (delivered last May to the Detroit Economic Club) the Barackstar might have to do some back-peddling and soon. You can check out the entire speech and the Democratic Mayor | Read More »

    Barack Obama shoots Irony in the head, then takes a chainsaw to its limbs.

    Almost. And to a seven-year-old, yet:I mean, I suppose that the fact that a young mixed-race man could advance in eight years from being a minor state legislative official to an United States Senator and assumed Democratic Party candidate for President might be considered by some to be an example of our country’s ongoing decline; I’m just startled that the subset of “some” apparently includes | Read More »

    Stupid Republicans – You Should Listen to Obama

    Obama is a very wise man. We all should listen to his words.Obama has a plan to save our planet by getting people to buy Hybrid Plug-in cars. These are cars that work off of large batteries and also gas fuel. One will have to plug-in the car at night to recharge the batteries. These cars are in development and are not due out until | Read More »

    Unconsciously, Obama Does Not Like Flyover Country

    Unconsciously, Barack Obama does not like flyover country. Obama is trying to act like he will contest traditional republican states, and is spending money on those red states. Yet, in the end, Obama does not even like flyover country.How do I know? Look at any of the Obama campaign material. In every ad or campaign material, there is a circle. The bottom half of the | Read More »


    In A Perfect World

    *When Barack Hussein Obama says this is the most important election of our life time, HE IS NOT KIDDING. Keeping this Socialist out of the White House should be the top priority of every American. Just the fact that he is even close scares the hell out of me. We who have the knowledge to see him for what he is,have a responsibility to expose | Read More »

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    Border Patrol Agent Held At Gunpoint By The Mexican Military

    In yet another example of the Mexican Military’s illegal incursions onto U.S. soil, a U.S. boarder agent (yet to be identified) was held at gunpoint Sunday 8/03/2008 in Tucson Arizona, by members of the Mexican Military until back-up arrived. The Washington Times reported the story today which in itself is a tragedy and a complete failure on the part of the MSM to report on | Read More »

    Obama is a forward thinker.

    Obama is a forward thinker.He was once against FISA but now voted for it.He once was for removing all the troops in Iraq but is now saying that he will keep troops there. In fact, one of his key advisors is recommending keeping up to 80,000 troops.He once said that Iraq is hopeless, but now is saying that Iraq is so stable that the generals | Read More »

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