Like his speeches, Barack’s commercials suck

    Last night I finally had to sit through one of Obama’s commercials running in Florida. Here is the flow of the ad:Opening scene – Picture of a gas pump with prices over $4.50 [Actually a picture from California, Floridians have never seen prices that high]Announcer – We are in a crisis of energyNext scene – Picture of John McCain walking out of a Senate hearingAnnouncer | Read More »

    Obama changes on oil drilling issue.

    Who is pulling the strings of the democratic candidate for president?While Mr. Obama says one thing and then 4 days later says something different on the same issue, (and that seems to be a daily occurance on many issues) such as drilling offshore, we voters again scratch our heads in wonder. Even if Mr. Obama were to win the election, does he really think the | Read More »

    Strategic Oil Reserve

    “…I will take 700 million gallons of oil out of the Strategic Oil Reserve..” This while Iran announces that it will take action against any new sanctions. To back this up, Iran tested long-range missles and announced the development of a new torpedo. Is it wise to take oil out of a reserve when the flow of crude is threatend?


    Worry on the Left Over Barack’s Weak Polling

    Dean Barnett pointes out that in the battle of Obama vs. not Obama, the junior Senator from Illinois isn’t doing all that well. He’s not the only one reading tea leaves. Over on the Left, they’re starting to worry:

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    Obama Won’t Rule Out Keeping Bob Gates at the Pentagon

    Roll Call ($) reports that when Barack Obama recently met with House Democrats to coordinate their message for the remainder of the campaign, he was asked by several Members to keep Defense Secretary Bob Gates through the transition, assuming he’s elected:

    Change- It’s Biting Obama In the, Well, You Know

    Change #1- The Republicans finally make “The Ten Commandments” a winner in political debate- through John McCain, no less!For all the hype about change, Obama has reconnected the Democrats with their Inner Bourbon- they learn nothing and forget nothing. Obama’s astonishing summer reveals a party trapped in the freeze frame of their mid-term election triumphs, oblivious to the rapid pace of change since then.

    Obama Santa Claus – Mythical Hybrid Plug-ins

    Obama Santa Claus has promised mythical Hybrid Plug-in cars to be on road by 2015 (6 years from 2009). The car does not exist today but is in development. The car is expected to go into production until 2010-2011. The cars will be very small 4 door cars. The cars will cost from $30,000 to $48,000. That is two or three times the price of | Read More »

    Obama Santa Claus – 150 million mythical Hybrid Plug-ins

    Obama Santa Claus has promised over 150 million mythical Hybrid Plug-in cars to be on road by 2015 (6 years from 2009). The car does not exist today but is in development. The car is expected to go into production until 2010-2011. That means that Obama has to sell 30 million of his mythical cars per year in the US. In 2007, there were only | Read More »

    Zogby:McCain turned lemons into lemonade.

    Sorry I can’t edit my previous diary, so have to create an addtional diary for the new national survey from Zogby.Zogby is a crazy pollster, so take the results with a huge grain of salt. First of all, the trendline.July 31-Aug 1(July 7-9)McCain 42 (36)Obama 41 (46)Zogby National Survey The national Associated TV/Zogby International telephone poll of 1,011 voters surveyed July 31-Aug. 1 finds McCain | Read More »

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    Another bad polling day for Obama(down across the board)

    A couple of polls out today at state level are showing further improvement of McCain’s standing at state level.Survey USA FloridaMcCain 50Obama 44Poor Obama, he has spent over $5 million on ads in this state since primary, and McCain has spent ZERO. Great investment return, and keep it up, Obama.Other polls are conducted in safe blue and red states, nothing particular interessting except the trendline. | Read More »

    Windfall Profits Tax

    Obama wants to give another $1,000 handout to help Americans deal with rising fuel costs.Obama wants to pay for his gift by taxing the profits of oil companies.


    Obama Announces Comprehensive Energy Plan

    Obama just unveiled his comprehensive energy plan – version 47.His plan is bold, sweeping, innovative, cutting-edge, and poses a serious threat to McCain’s plan of simply reducing our dependence on foriegn oil.Here’s the link

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    Fuzzy Math – Obama Style

    Monday (Good Morning America): “Senator Obama, your health care plan will cost well into the hundreds of billions, some estimates even over a trillion. How will you find the funding to pay for this ambitious plan?” Obama: “That’s simple. I can pay for it by rolling back Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy.” Tuesday (CNN): “Senator Obama, your energy plan calls for substantial ‘investment’ in | Read More »

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    {And so goes away the dog-whistler.}

    {I wish that these people would stop assuming that we’re racist, just because they are. – Moe Lane}

    Obama: Death by Taxation

    Cities, chambers of commerce, and officials in state and local governments know that tax incentives drive economic development. It is one of their chief tools in luring business to their areas. There are extreme examples of this principle in places like Wilmington, DE, and Liechtenstein, where every nearby company wants to have a legal presence, and more mundane examples in nearly every major city in | Read More »