Fuzzy Math – Obama Style

    Monday (Good Morning America): “Senator Obama, your health care plan will cost well into the hundreds of billions, some estimates even over a trillion. How will you find the funding to pay for this ambitious plan?” Obama: “That’s simple. I can pay for it by rolling back Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy.” Tuesday (CNN): “Senator Obama, your energy plan calls for substantial ‘investment’ in | Read More »

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    {And so goes away the dog-whistler.}

    {I wish that these people would stop assuming that we’re racist, just because they are. – Moe Lane}

    Obama: Death by Taxation

    Cities, chambers of commerce, and officials in state and local governments know that tax incentives drive economic development. It is one of their chief tools in luring business to their areas. There are extreme examples of this principle in places like Wilmington, DE, and Liechtenstein, where every nearby company wants to have a legal presence, and more mundane examples in nearly every major city in | Read More »

    Obama flip-flops again, now taking advice from RightMichigan.com (Which is pretty cool!)

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at www.RightMichigan.com. Oh what a difference a week’s worth of lousy polling makes.  Turns out it’s capable of taking the Democratic nominee for the Presidency of the United States of America and convincing him to follow the advice, nay, demands of RightMichigan.com.  Did you notice how Barack Obama couldn’t have cared less about Michigan back when he was consistently polling six | Read More »

    Nationwide ‘Hussein’ middle name craze

    Nationwide ‘Hussein’ middle name craze His full name is Barack Hussein Obama. Its a name that his own campaign is trying to downplay, one that skeptics have attacked and now an entire online community of Obama supporters is playing a name game trying to remove the stigma associated with ‘Hussein’. “I think they’re trying to instill terror and fear in the people,” said Obama supporter | Read More »


    (video)Obama: The Child – The Messiah – The Obamessiah(The best satire)

    Wow, I am speechless. This is the extended version of ‘The One’. It’s definitely a MUST watch. I am wondering whether McCain campaign got the idea from the satire? The. Best. Satire this cycle.


    McCain could be in serious trouble

    I’ve been delighted with everyone else to see the strong ad campaign McCain has unleashed, and its effectiveness. It has been great and worked better than we could have hoped. Perhaps too well.


    "Are These Peanuts? I said ARUGALA!!!!" Senator Obama is flying in style these days. CBS News’ Allison O’Keefe reports today on the regal setting aboard "O-force One", complete with a throne for the man himself. From the article: “Obama’s section of the plane rivals that of any first class. Recently the front cabin of the Boeing 757 was retrofitted to install four individual chairs that | Read More »

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    Obama’s Secret Veep Choice

    This guy is definately smarter and at least should be considered for the Veep slot.

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    Democratic Operative Brazile Admits Obama has Injected Race Into the Presidential Campaign – Video 8/3/08

    Democratic Operative Brazile Admits Obama has Injected Race Into the Presidential Campaign – Video 8/3/08

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    Barack Obama “Contains Within Him The Contradictions”

    It’s fitting that we begin with a reminder of what Barack Obama said about Rev. Wright back on March 18, 2008 during his big speech on race titled “A More Perfect Union.” In defending him and making excuses for his behavior, Obama said that Rev. Wright “contains within him the contradictions – the good and the bad – of the community that he has served | Read More »

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    With Obama Blacks One Step Forward, Ten Back

    With trust in government at an all time low combined with the media’s new role of promoting the presidential candidate of their choice, the rise of Barack Obama suddenly makes sense… As an seventh generation-American, I am well aware of the issue of slavery. My ancestors fought among the Hessian soldiers in the America Revolution, fought on the side of the North in the Civil | Read More »

    Obama has Lost 18 points on Intrade

    In the last week he has lost 7 points. On July 14th he was at 68 to win and McCain was at 30. Today one share of Obamessiah can be purchased at 58, one for Johnny Mac can be purchased for 38. Not too shabby after the miraculous love tour of Europe where hundreds of thousands of Germans shouted his name in unison. Because we | Read More »

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    Obama’s 245th Flip Flop…

    Along with throwing Jeremiah Wright under the bus, flip flopping on Jim Johnson within one week, the status of Jerusalem flipping within ONE day, his positions on gun control and abortion and the surge in Iraq, timetables for retreat, campaign finance money, debating Mccain “anytime anywhere” and about one hundred other issues we can add YET ANOTHER flip flop.. Anyone else see a trend here? | Read More »

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    Obama Defeats McCain

    Before many of you have an attack because of reading the title of this post read on a little further in order to fully understand the title. This particular title is a 2008 similarity to a newspaper headline from the Chicago Tribune made famous in 1948. Election day in 1948 fell on November second placing President Harry Truman against New York Governor Thomas Dewey. The | Read More »