In 2002 and 2003: Bad Judgments of Obama about Soon-to-start Iraq War

    In 2002 and 2003, bad judgments of Obama about the soon-to-start Iraq War cast doubt about Obama’s ability to be Commander-In-Chief.

    McCain/Reagan: Taxes, Speakers and the Race Card

    Legal Editor for The Minority and HinzSight ReportsBy the most basic of criteria, John McCain is running a great campaign. He is defying history by either leading polls or being within the margin of error in July when past Dem losers led by from 7-14 points at this stage.

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    Race issue moves to center of campaign

    Race issue moves to center of campaignLooks like Team McCain is ready to strike back. McCain aides say their goal is to pre-empt what they believe is Obama’s effort to paint any conventional campaign attacks as race-based. Obama’s aim, in the view of the McCain camp: “to delegitimize any line of attack against him,” said McCain aide Steve Schmidt. He said he saw that potential | Read More »

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    Former Landstuhl Trauma Chief slams Obama’s skipping of tour

    Ouch! The McCain camp released this statement today.Statement On Barack Obama’s Canceled Troop VisitsARLINGTON, VA — Today, Dr. Danny Jazarevic, who served as the Chief of Trauma, Critical Care and Vascular Surgery at Landstuhl, issued the following statement on Barack Obama’s canceled visit to Ramstein and Landstuhl:”Last week, Senator Obama skipped a visit with wounded U.S. troops at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany because | Read More »

    Cool/Smart McCain T-shirt We need to show support for McCain by wearing shirts around in support of McCain. The more people see him the more appealing he is to voters. The t-shirt at is my favorite. I started giving them away as gifts because I get so many compliments of the t-shirt when I wear it out jogging or to the grocery store. I urge you | Read More »

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    Barack’s Lousy European Vacation

    If the objective test of the value of Barack Obama’s recent European jaunt is whether or not it helped or hurt his chances of becoming president, it would seem the verdict is in. Intrade shows a steady slide since Barack left the U.S., for a total loss of about 8 percent in the value of a share of Obama as president:Was it the refusal to | Read More »

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    Rassmussen confirms Obama is in trouble

    Today’s daily Rassmussen tracking poll shows that Obama has the slightest of edges, well inside the margin of error, and has dropped a point or two from Monday. Obama leads 45% to 43%, or 48% to 46% when including leaners. This confirms the trend noted by Gallup, where the “Berlin Bounce” has disappeared in less than a week.But there is a really interesting statistic in | Read More »

    Richard Cohen Test

    Interesting comments at seems more and more people are attracted to hom because of the campaign he is running. The candidate and the campaign have become one. People are voting for the way the campaign is run. In this case, none of the issues like surge, iraq war, his pastor are not going to matter.If McCain&surrogates want to win the election, it is this part | Read More »


    Why Obama Really Snubbed Our Injured Troops

    Why Obama Really Snubbed Our Injured TroopsSince Obama was so worried about people thinking that visiting our wounded soldiers would be viewed as a political tactic, he chose not to go. Therefore, it is fair to say that Obama is more worried about public perception than doing what is right. Talk about courage.If I voted against funding those who were severely wounded protecting my safety | Read More »

    Dobson moments vs. Evangelical Election Days

    Evangelicals have been the most loyal GOP voters since Ronald Reagan brought them into the party in droves in 1980. They left their previous apathy or Democratic Party allegiance to vote for Republicans based on issues, not instructions from media appointed “leaders.”Given that, I was quite amused at all the teeth gnashing by certain libertarian and/or secular leaning conservatives last winter when Dr. James Dobson | Read More »

    ‘Cocky Sabbatical ends in Christian humility

    The purpose of a Sabbatical is to renew one’s faith and the energy and enthusiasm to act on it. Mine from Redstate was successful, thanks to a Georgia angel sent from its Bar to remind a certain rooster that it’s not all about him.Its about the Lord’s work first and America’s second as it fits into the first.The nation-state that God ordained as part of | Read More »

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    An Open Letter to My Fellow Christians Regarding Barack Obama

    Barack Obama hopes to make a dent in evangelical Christian and Catholic support for the Republican Party. At first glance, he’s a good bet to do it. John McCain, his opponent, comes from a generation that reflexively clams up about religion. Both men claim to be Christians, but Obama has mastered the rhetoric. He can speak in soaring tones about the kingdom, the glory, and | Read More »

    Santa Obamista

    So I am listening to some music last night – the London soundtrack of Evita, and it hits me. I’ve been all wrong! I’ve been comparing the Obamaphenom to the Nuremberg Rallies and while there is still a lot of truth to the stagecraft over substance and robotic reaction from the masses, the deification of the central character was missing. I mean the crowds loved | Read More »

    Voting Record and His Judgement

    Review the past statements from the Democratic candidate Obama, which way does he stand on National Security? Read his web strategy but review past statements and voting records and you will find he voted no on funding the troops. Now he says he’d send more troops to Afghanastan with congressional approval, Mr. Obama? He would start widthdrawal from Iraq on his first day in office | Read More »


    Obama In Wonderland

    The part of Barack Obama’s Berlin speech that the media most adored contained his apology for grotesque American immorality. Obama decried our nation’s penchant for hegemony and unilateralism and torture. The sack cloth and ash routine inspired his audience of drunken German teenagers with the prospect that once he becomes commander-in-chief the United States military will no longer impale Third World grandmothers in the Iron | Read More »