Not Impressed By The Obama World Tour

    The Obama World Tour is finally coming to an end (Thank God). I’m sure I’m am like most Americans who are wondering what exactly was the point of all the hoopla. First, Obama hasn’t accomplished enough at this point in his political career to deserve such a treatment by foreign leaders. Yes, he is a second term U.S Senator and the Democartic Party Presidential Candidate. | Read More »

    Is Obama the New Hitler?

    There’s an anti-Obama t-shirt for sale depicting the visages of Hitler and Obama, bearing the inscription: “Hitler Gave Great Speeches, Too.”At first blush, such a comparison seems absurd, if not offensive. Hitler is the very face of evil itself. It’s very hard for most people to comprehend such a comparison. (Besides, if you ask any Lefty out there, he’ll tell you that it’s Bush and | Read More »

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    Obama Refuses to Take His Own Advice

    During Obama’s foreign trip to Great Britain, where he visited London, he had an interesting conversation with the Tory leader, David Cameron. It was overheard by some reporters due to a boom microphone picking it up.Have you often heard from Obama how he feels that he is capable of making good judgment calls? Obama contends that though inexperienced, what matters the most is his capability | Read More »


    MSM, you ignorant slut! You know the rules; it takes more than a whirlwind guided tour of photo-ops in Europe and the Middle East to prove one’s readiness to handle foreign policy. Oh, but let’s all shed a tear for poor Barack Obama. He needed the pictures to fill the free space created on his website from erasing previous positions on Wright and the surge, | Read More »

    The New York Times Headlines on November 5, 2008

    By Ima Tuele, of New York TimesAmerica had the opportunity yesterday to heal the racial divide in this country, but elected instead to cling to the divisive politics of the past.America could have elected a young, articulate and vibrant black man to become the 44th President of the United States. Instead, it was business as usual as white voters overwhelmingly chose a doddering old white | Read More »

    Russertisms for Obama

    Definition  – Russertism: In the characteristic fashion of the late Tim Russert, an inquiry raised by the juxtaposition of conflicting quotations or facts. Here is the beginning of a list of Russertisms which may be appended from time to time. And of course I am interested to see other’s Russertisms.Alas, to hope they will be actually asked and answered; like channeling Tim Russert; far out | Read More »

    THE REASON WHY Obama Didn’t Visit Wounded Troops

    Unfortunately, this pretty much speaks for itself:Military Says It Set Rules For Obama Hospital VisitThe Pentagon told the Democrat that no media or campaign aides could come along, its spokesman says. Obama canceled plans to see wounded troops in Germany.By Peter Spiegel and Michael Finnegan, Los Angeles Times Staff WritersJuly 26, 2008 U.S. military authorities told advisors to Barack Obama this week that he could | Read More »


    Obama: What He Is & What He Isn’t [REDACTED]

    [Way back in the days of RS 2.0 (or maybe even 1.0, I can’t remember), we banned a crazy person. It appears she was under the impression that this didn’t apply in RS 3.0, and furthermore, that RS 3.0 was a good place for her to come and share her crazy rantings, as long as they were mildly critical of Obama in the process. She | Read More »


    Obama’s speeches aren’t very good

    I’ve listened to quite a bit of Obama’s Berlin speech (some parts of it over and over), and I’m going to flat out disagree with the media and pundits claiming that he is a great orator. I do a fair bit of speaking in front of the public, and have been a fan of some of the better speeches over the years. If this is | Read More »

    Ah Oh! PRICS! Those Email Rumors Could Be True

    Ever wonder if something silly that came in the mail is true or not? If you have, you may have headed right on over to Snopes.Com to check it out. See if it was valid. See if it was a hoax. You trusted the trusty debunking of email myth by the Snopes.Com tribe. Well, you now have to be careful what you believe from Snopes.Com.Obama | Read More »

    A Soldiers Letter On Obama

    The following it a letter from a soldier stationed in Afghanistan (the letter itself was posted on Hoosier a Indiana GOP website)Here is the letter:A Soldier’s Letter HomeI received an email from a friend, who has an acquaintance serving in Afghanistan at present. This soldier is giving his first hand account of Senator Barack Hussein Obama’s visit to Afghanistan.Hello everyone,As you know I am not | Read More »

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    Obamalamadingdong 1 me 0

    I titled this post with humor in an attempt to soothe my wounded feelings. Today, while driving around the Nashville area, a predominantly conservative part of the country, I counted no less than 17 pro-Obama stickers. I attribute this to the free “get your FREE bumper stickers supporting Barack Obama” that Facebook has been shoving in my face thanks to What I want to | Read More »

    Obama in Afghanistan

    Subject: From a Marine who saw Obama in Afghanistan E-mail from Marine in Afghanistan: Hello everyone, As you know I am not a very political person. I just wanted to pass along that Senator Obama came to Bagram Afghanistan for about an hour on his visit to ‘The War Zone’. I wanted to share with you what happened. He got off the plane and got | Read More »

    John McWho?

    Many American Conservatives were highly pleased with the “success” of Rush’s Operation Chaos, the attempt to keep the race between Hillary and Barack going for as long as possible, the theory being that the longer they were able to snipe at one another the less successful they would ultimately be in the general election, and the more time the Republican challenger would have to gain | Read More »

    Obama Removes US Flag From Aircraft And Replaces It With Campaign Logo – On Taxpayer Funded Tour?

    I mean Barack H. Obama is doing some pretty wacky things on this tour. Sitting in Head of state chairs, negotiating foreign policy, utilizing terrorist organizations for security, issuing dress code to the paparazzi, I mean media, hehe, speaking from historic monuments in Germany, all as if he were the actual POTUS?