Let’s discuss ways to beat Obama

    Here are two excellent articles filled with analysis based on the historical record of past elections. I believe that McCain will NOT be able to win this if the election is about him, he can only win if he makes it clear to the American people that Obama is an unacceptable choice on many levels. The JUDGEMENT aspect needs to be hammered. Obama admits he | Read More »

    The Divinity of Obama

    This morning on Fox and Friends, a Democrat from PA (Joe Setak I believe) was talking about Obama and his position on Iraq and his trip to Iraq. Apart from the classic babble from the Left, there were two points that stuck out to me. Points to be looked at. Points that are very troubling.

    Washington Post column smears all Michelle Obama detractors as racists

    Sunday’s Washington Post ran a column by a woman named Sophia Nelson. The title of the column tells you everything you need to know about it: “Black. Female. Accomplished. Attacked.” As little faith as I have in liberal newspapers such as The Washington Post, the fact that they would run this column is appalling. There are very real problems for America in having a first | Read More »

    The (un)Fairness Doctrine

    Far be it from me to ask all to endorse anyone or sign anything, however, being that queen bee Nancy Pelosi cannot wait for President Obama to commence the “socialization” of our government, this petition has got to move and move soon:click here if you concur *Look at the effect of (Newt Gingrich’s AmericaSolutions.org) the DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW petition… over 1.3 million as of | Read More »

    Obama’s Magical Mystery Tour

    After a week of intense media foreplay, Obama has finally embarked on his magical mystery tour. As he boarded the plane that took him on the first leg of his anxiously awaited Middle East and European tour, a pair of uniformed Air Force officers saluted simultaneously, as they do each time President Bush boards Air Force One. As the media-anointed President in waiting, Obama is | Read More »

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    Barack Obama – Typical Democrat Change Of Stripes Before An Elction

    He has touted himself as the ,”candidate for change.” He claims to be above the usual political fray and different then ,”other,” candidates. Yet this liberal Democrat follows in a long line of Democrats who, though claiming to be the party that speaks for the American people, change their stripes in order to gain votes for a General Election. The only real change that Obama | Read More »

    “I will end this war!”

    “I will end this war!” Five simple words. Five one-syllable words that are music to the ears of anti-war nut roots. Yet, at the same time, these five simple words scream defeatism, retreat and capitulation to the millions of moderate and right leaning Americans who don’t like to lose wars. Americans who mourn the outcome of the Vietnam War. Five words. But, only one has | Read More »

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    I’m Sorry, But Isn’t It Crazy…..

    …the real bias of the MSM has been exposed of late? …there is this road show like frenzy of the latest U2 tour, all the anchors in tow…as BHO heads off on his quest to rule the world. …meanwhile, when ex-anchor, and right hating Dan Rather sat in on MSNBC’s liberal love fest called “morning cup of joe”, he clearly caled BHO – “Osama Bin | Read More »

    Debunking the latest liberal myth

    Liberal myths often quickly become talking points for the Democrats, and even as conservatives punch holes in them, the Left simply patches them up and floats them again. Such is the case with the latest liberal myth/Democrat talking point – that oil companies aren’t drilling on the lands they currently hold: “Big Oil is more interested in pumping up prices and pumping up their own | Read More »

    Who is Barack for?

    Back in March there was a huge furor over Barack’s minister, the Reverend Jerimiah White. Barack gave a speech in Philadelphia trying to minimize the damage, but not quite denying the outrageousness of what the Rev. had been saying. In this speech, he said he had not been present to hear the exact remarks, but defended this black bigot by saying he was passionate in | Read More »

    Maliki Endorses Obama’s Iraq Timeframe*

    As a Redstate resident liberal, constant reader, occasional commenter, and very rare poster (I think this is my third post in a year), I am much more given to sit back and read than to lay out my own opinion. A story that I read this morning, however, was too thought provoking to pass up: Maliki has officially endorsed Obama’s 16-month Iraq withdrawal plan. Here’s | Read More »

    One thing I learned

    When I was a boy, my mother told me that lying was a terrible thing to do, because all you had in life, you could truly call your own, was your good name. So if you lied, you gave up that very special possession. I was not sure I understood at the time how important those words would be in later life. I was sure | Read More »

    Not the Reality in Iraq Obama knew

    Fred Kagan, Kim Kagan, and Jack Keane of The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday about The New Reality in Iraq, via IraqStatusReport.com. After reading it, I decided to see how Senator Obama’s newly changed stance on Iraq matches up with their view of the situation there. As things seem to get scrubbed off the Obama website, this will be time sensitive and relevant only until | Read More »


    The Unofficial 2008 Democratic Presidential Campaign Song

    They are broadcasting this sound:Obama saves! Obama saves!Squelch his flip-flopping around:Obama saves! Obama saves!Bear the news throughout the land,Across papers and TV waves;The MSM now doth command;Obama saves! Obama saves! The liberals now agree:Obama saves! Obama saves!Druids rub their hands in glee:Obama saves! Obama saves!Sing, Pelosi, Harry Reid;Oprah, Gore and Hillary?!;McCaskill joins in accolades:Obama saves! Obama saves! Sing above the battle strife:Obama saves! Obama saves!of | Read More »

    McCain’s Parting Gift’s to Obama:

    Obama Official Travel Packet:Click here for lager, clearer version